John Loughlin ‘did not know’ Rep. Gordon, spokesman says

Former state Rep. John Loughlin’s spokesman says the Republican congressional candidate had no knowledge of his incarcerated successor Daniel Gordon before the latter man ran for office.

“John Loughlin did not endorse Dan Gordon and John Loughlin did not recruit Dan Gordon,” spokesman Mike Napolitano told “He did not know him. When Dan Gordon came out and ran, John did not know him.”

Republican Gordon was elected last November to succeed Loughlin as District 71’s representative in the General Assembly, defeating Democrat George Alzaibak by just 47 votes. (Alzaibak plans to run again.) Loughlin retired to mount a losing bid for Congress against Democrat David Cicilline and is set to make another bid next year.

Gordon was scheduled to be one of the guest speakers at a Loughlin campaign event this Sunday which his campaign is billing as “the fundraising event of the year for John Loughlin,” and the pair recently exchanged Facebook comments about it.

Asked whether he considered them friends, Napolitano said: “No. I would consider them people who know each other through the party. There was no close friendship or anything.”

Loughlin is serving overseas in Iraq and barred by military rules from giving interviews about his political life.

“Keep in mind John Loughlin was very busy running for Congress at the time Dan Gordon was running for state rep,” Napolitano said. “John worked very, very hard. He was out every day doing something. It was nonstop. He wasn’t recruiting candidates or endorsing candidates, that’s for sure.”

Separately, Gordon appeared to make his first public comments since being arrested, writing on Twitter: “If it’s on TV, (or any media) it MUST be true, right? Not so much. Must be tryouts for TMZ…FULL story soon.”

Loughlin and Gordon did not contribute money to each other’s campaigns in 2010, according to Rhode Island Board of Elections and Federal Election Commission records.

Gordon received $1,000 from the Little Compton Republican Committee; $200 each from the political action committees of the Rhode Island Statewide Coalition and the Rhode Island Tea Party; and $125 each from the Rhode Island Republican Assembly and East Bay Republicans committees, records show.

2 thoughts on “John Loughlin ‘did not know’ Rep. Gordon, spokesman says

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    Representative Gordon is a good man and we need more Republican legislators like him!

    Posted by: Michael Napolitano at March 30, 2011 1:52 PM

    Is this the same Mike Napolitano, John Loughlin’s spokesman?

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