Fleming says EngageRI poll demos OK; WPRI.com a top source

I asked Benenson Strategy Group to send me the demographic breakdown for the 450 likely voters who were interviewed for Engage Rhode Island’s pension poll so I could get WPRI 12 political analyst (and pollster) Joe Fleming’s take on whether the Washington-based firm captured the local voting population accurately.

“They look good,” Fleming told me in an email after giving the screening questions a look, though he said the number of union households and college graduates surveyed might be a little high.

Pensions aside, the most interesting statistics to me in the demographic breakdown were the questions about where the 450 likely voters surveyed get their Rhode Island political and government news.

The top online source was local broadcast TV news websites like WPRI.com at 29%, followed by none (28%), local newspapers sites like Projo.com or national news sites (tied at 26%), or search-engine portals like Google News and Yahoo! News (17%).

The top source in general for political and government news was television (37%), newspapers or magazines (27%), followed by the Internet and radio (tied at 14%). That mirrors the findings of national studies by the Pew Research Center.

You can check out the demographics for yourself by downloading the PDF from WPRI.com.

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