The new just went live

R.I.P. (shown here in 1997)

The Providence Journal’s long-awaited new website quietly debuted around 4:30 p.m. Monday, nearly two years after parent company A.H. Belo announced it was coming.

As expected, going forward full articles will only be published in the print edition and an electronic replica of it, with news briefs going online. It’s unclear whether an e-edition subscription will be $416 a year – the cost for home delivery of the print edition – or have a different set of price points.

However, this may not be the finished product – an A.H. Belo executive said in July there would be an interim step for the Projo site while its new content-managemt system gets installed.

For now, here are quick links to the new site:

• Check out the new website here. Its formal name is “,” not “”

• Check out the electronic edition on the Web here or see the iPad version here.

• Journal Publisher Howard Sutton explains the changes here. Digital editor Peter Phipps offers his take here.

• The 7-to-7 News Blog is still here but short items are now being posted here. (Scroll past the history items.)

• The mobile version is still if you want to read the news feeds on your smartphone.

• The look and feel of is different from its sister papers, and

• Links to old stories now redirect you to the new ProvidenceJournal’s home page.

(screenshot: Internet Archive)

7 thoughts on “The new just went live

  1. I hate to be *that guy* but that eEdition is truly terrible. The site looks well enough, much better than before. The columns are rather cramped, I had expected to lose one of the sidebars when I clicked through to a story, but no. If they want me to pay the full subscription price, force me to receive a paper edition (which will go directly into the recycle bin), and try to tell me that eEdition is some kind of benefit, just so I can read the website, then I suspect I’ll be reading WPRI a lot more than I already do.

  2. Their “E-Edition” is the only reason why I won’t pay for their content. People enjoy reading their news on the web because they can view headlines quickly and click through to the stories they’d like to read. With the E-Edition, they’ll have to flip through a PDF-like version of the entire newspaper just to see what content is available. I mean, it’s as if the people who made this decision at the Projo have never even read news on the web before.

    I’m willing to pay for the Projo’s content if they offer it in a web-based form… it’s not that they’re putting up a paywall that bothers me; it’s that they’re putting up a paywall and then offering me less as a paid reader – a less robust experience, less navigability, and more difficult access to their main content than the old site.

    • Even worse, someone at the Projo just informed me via Twitter that there will be no way to access the full content of the site on a mobile device other than the iPad, even if you are a subscriber. It’s as if they’ve taken a complete step back to the 90s.

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