Jon Stewart (and “Ben Franklin”) respond to PolitiFactRI

After getting slapped with a Pants on Fire rating from the Projo’s PolitiFact operation, “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart acknowledged his error (“Of course, it’s my fault for trusting something called ‘The History Channel’ with facts about things that happened in the past”) and tried to make amends last night.

Not safe for work or younguns:

On a more elevated note, media critic Dan Kennedy has an interesting critique of PolitiFact and other fact-checking outfits on HuffPo, following up on Ben Smith’s recent examination of them.

  • Pat Crowley

    The Projo Politifact should be placed on the opinion page with just about all of their so called “reporting.” It is just awful. It takes things out of context and looks at facts from their opponents one way and friends another.

    Things have been 100% accurate and still get half truths of falses from these jaded cynical writers.

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