Crossroads, Family Service disappear from EngageRI website

The nonprofit Crossroads Rhode Island has suffered dearly for signing on with Engage Rhode Island, the deep-pocketed advocacy group that successfully pushed the pension bill. Sunday’s Projo reports donations to Crossroads are down more than 50% from last year and it is receiving angry letters from public employees.

Asked whether she’d still join EngageRI if she got the chance to do it all over, Crossroads chief Anne Nolan told the paper: “Honestly, I can’t answer that.”

What the Journal article doesn’t mention is that Crossroads has already disappeared from EngageRI’s website. The nonprofit is no longer listed among EngageRI’s coalition members on its home page, and Nolan herself has been deleted from EngageRI’s board of directors list.

Crossroads isn’t alone.

Another social services agency whose support for EngageRI drew a lot of attention – Family Service of Rhode Island – has also been removed from the coalition list, and the name of its CEO, Margaret Holland McDuff, has been deleted from the board, where she’d been listed as EngageRI’s co-chairperson. McDuff and Nortek executive Ed Cooney were the original driving forces behind EngageRI.

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