Crossroads, Family Service disappear from EngageRI website

The nonprofit Crossroads Rhode Island has suffered dearly for signing on with Engage Rhode Island, the deep-pocketed advocacy group that successfully pushed the pension bill. Sunday’s Projo reports donations to Crossroads are down more than 50% from last year and it is receiving angry letters from public employees.

Asked whether she’d still join EngageRI if she got the chance to do it all over, Crossroads chief Anne Nolan told the paper: “Honestly, I can’t answer that.”

What the Journal article doesn’t mention is that Crossroads has already disappeared from EngageRI’s website. The nonprofit is no longer listed among EngageRI’s coalition members on its home page, and Nolan herself has been deleted from EngageRI’s board of directors list.

Crossroads isn’t alone.

Another social services agency whose support for EngageRI drew a lot of attention – Family Service of Rhode Island – has also been removed from the coalition list, and the name of its CEO, Margaret Holland McDuff, has been deleted from the board, where she’d been listed as EngageRI’s co-chairperson. McDuff and Nortek executive Ed Cooney were the original driving forces behind EngageRI.

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49 thoughts on “Crossroads, Family Service disappear from EngageRI website

  1. What do these people expect? Most of the donations come for worker who appreciate what they have and are willing to share for those less fortunate. Can’t say the same for the corporate community who in their efforts to drive profits have trimmed their giving.

  2. The Union Hacks have gone to war with the Poverty Pimps. Democrats everywhere stand paralyzed in fear about having to choose sides. Taxpayers rejoice. Film at 11.

    • Cute jingle but you dont want a Rhode Island or a Providence without Crossroads. The workers there are nonunion and certainly dont get a pension. And they do great work for people 80% of which certainly cannot help themselves. A little dignity for the homeless, a shower, help to get to a doctor. A hot meal. THINK about it. WHO would rather see these HUMAN BEINGS eat cold half eaten big mac out of mcdonalds trash? I have SEEN it, maybe these union people witholding their donations havent. They STILL have a good job, good pay, pension to look forward to. They just have to wait a little longsr, pay in a little more. And they try to starve the homeless?

      • They do a great job. But, they support efforts to break our laws (contracts) so I will no longer give a DIME to them for any reason. I’m sure the other 83% of RI who wanted the pension reform can support them, BYE!!

      • Euthanize the people you are talking about that are eating out of trash cans. Their own families have written them off. They are not productive members of society and do not want to be held accountable for their behavior. If a private sector charity wants to take care of these people that is fine. When it comes to my tax dollars, cull them out of society.

      • Wow, Ed! Don’t let your heart fall out of your shirt. What a nasty individual. Homelessness can hit ANYONE! Must be great to live such a pampered life and be able to feel you will NEVER hit hard times.

        Hope you don’t have kids…

  3. At least those “poverty pimps” do something worthwhile. They feed and shelter homeless people, many of whom cannot help themselves for a variety of reasons. It’s 15 degrees out and these unions want to leave more people out in the cold because they cant bankrupt our state quite as fast any more. And I am NOT anti union. We HAVE TO trim costs or else we’ll ALL be central falls. But thats means nothing to these union hacks, who want to punish the homeless. I dont have a union salary, or any kind of juicy pension to look forward to. But I will be making an immediate donation to Crossroads as soon as I hit enter.

    • I know it’s easy to target the public workers, but we just donated our money elsewhere. You’d do the same if you were in our shoes. Shame on Crossroads to signing on to target the employees pension system. How does that come into play when you’re supposed to be feeding the homeless?

      • Shame on you for not to be willing to sacrifice like everyone else and on top of it take it out on the less fortunate.

        You’re a pure example of the low class public worker in our state.

  4. What did Nolan expect? As the ED of a non-profit that relies heavily on private donations her decision to take such a high profile stance in this very polarizing public conversation was foolish if not reckless. It is surprising that her board let her do this. I hope her Engage RI friends will help her pick up the slack in fundraising. Crossroads is an extraordinary agency.

  5. This proves that Anne Nolan “bit the hand that feeds her”. The drop in donations illustrates that she railed against the very folks that donated to her agency, resulting in her 6 figure salary. How many COLAs did Anne Nolan get over the years???

    • Hey sleepless govt union worker, “bit the hand”. Huh? Without pension reform, RI stood a very good chance of spiraling govt costs and an increase in economic distress which has a byproduct of homelessness at the lowest levels. We cannot ignore the reality. EngageRI promoted a righting of the economic ship. My own income was downgraded during this recession by FIFTY PERCENT, and no one is promising me ANY pension. Give me a break, and PLEASE tell your union buddies to stop taking their tantrum out on the homeless, for God’s sake! As to Nolan’s compensation, its prob not enough for what she does and lower than the same job would pay in any for-profit business. I’m sure your mad you have to pay a little more now in life due to pension reform, but without it, I personally would have packed up and left RI and taken my tax dollars with me. So would MANY others. It was FIFTEEN DEGREES last night for the homeless. You are making every stereotype for your government unions come true. I would consider the homeless and not freeze and starve them out of rage for your little pay cut. Imagine, Christmas time and some stop donating to the homeless over a policy issue that a majority in RI and a even a majority in the democrat legislature agree was needed? Are you KIDDING?

      • Every engageri business will go out of business, everyone of them! It is everyone’s right to give or shop where they want, sorry comrade this is still the USA.

  6. Just goes to show you what SCUMBAGS the state worker’s union are. They only care about themselves and keeping their pockets heavily lined.

    Sure, take it out on the homeless, wow! how big of you! Do they not know that there is always about 15-18 homeless FAMILIES that live at crossroads consistently? And not all of them are unemployed–Some have it that they may have been a two-income family and couldn’t afford things and some DO still work, but can’t afford rent/housing=THEY STILL PAY TAXES TO THESE STATE WORKERS!!!

    This is a situation that occupy Providence needs to protest!

    Rhode Island state workers belong in a garbage pail!

    • Very Funny, Thanks! scumbags?? Let’s see, break contracts and union workers are the scumbags?? WOW The next leason for you and engageri is CONTRATCS! Hopefully these “scumbags” can force every engageri business out of business!

      • Contracts are made to be broken. They get paid too much. Do you know a flagger on adverage makes 60 bucks an hour? That’s BS. Those state workers can afford pay cuts, lowered pensions–how many state workers own three cars, a boat and summer homes? How many retired state workers flee RI and live in Florida?

        E.Providence is a pure example on how the teachers and the unions wouldn’t budge=bankruptcy!

        Town and state workers only care for themselves–They would rather see poeple down on their luck even go further into a spiral of poverty.

    • You should check out how much state employess donate through the State Employees Charitable Appeal before you go spouting off at the mouth about people you know nothing about. I, for one, just donated elsewhere and I know my fellow union employees did the same. There is more that one charity in Rhode Island.

      • blah blah blah about your charitable appeal…Maybe you should shut your mouth and realize I pay your inflated pension and weekly salary with the high taxes i have to pay to keep you living large…JERK!

    • I don’t have to reread my posts…No name calling made against you…but you have named called with “Lazy Bum” and “Dope”.

      This is my last response to you for I’d have a more intelligent & proper discussion with a dead skunk in the street…..

      • pure example of the low class public worker
        SCUMBAGS the state worker’s union are
        Rhode Island state workers belong in a garbage pail!
        No you didn’t insult anyone! You really are a dope aren’t you?

  7. Contracts are made to be broken? I believe the courts may disagrre with you on that. But, if there is no contract why would any state worker put into the pension? If there’s no contract they can not make state workers pay into the retirement. Tax payers would have to pay more! $60 per hr? That just a lie. Yes, I do agree state workers only care about themselves, just like everyone else in RI. You are the 83%, you fund these engageri business’s.

  8. Tax payers would have to pay more! $60 per hr? That just a lie.—No, it’s not a lie. I know a guy that does is for a living for 20+ years.

    I fund who? You don’t know “who I fund”. I’m 83% of what? Whatever, Oreo, go drown yourself in milk.

    Just by these actions to not help the homeless–the court should throw the case out.

    FU, EngagedRI…It’s a cult of selfish, evil, money grubbing individuals.

    • The 83% is all voting Rhode Islanders that are NOT state workers. The bulk on money given in any year is from state workers, only 17% of voting population. The other 83% can start giving. You are showing your intelligence by stating the courts should throw the case out because 17% of RI is NOT given any more. The Unions will get the names of all EngageRI supporters and boycott them all!

      • And what makes you think the 83% are not giving to charities such as Crossroads? This is about helping others and the community. Maybe organizations like Crossroads favored a change in Cola and all this garbage because they are on the frontlines of witnessing what poeple like RI stateworkers and unions are doing to the state?–Bringing it to it’s knees to pay bloated pension plans while others are starving, can’t afford housing and can’t get jobs because no one wants to do business in this high-taxing, corrupt state! The jobs are crap here–just retail, call centers and the few restaurants that are open. Very far and few trade jobs are left.

        You show you have no scruples and must live a very comfortable lifestyle and favors poeple that are ruthless and could care less about helping others….

      • Any charity shouldn’t have an any agenda other that helping the people it’s formed to help. Crossroads was wrong to be involved with EngageRI and pension reform. Now, the state employees have decided to donate elsewhere. How can you blame them?

      • Yes, I am very comfortable! I went to school to better my self and did. Maybe you uneducated should do the same, lazy bum!

      • I love how you assume I’m not educated… know what happens when you assume, you make an A S S out of yourself!

        MERRY CHRISTMAS! I’LL PRAY FOR YOU AND ALL THE OTHER cruel, arrogant and selfish RIers!

      • Whatever, kid…You’re a dope thinking you know all about people thru a blog posting? This is supposed to be about discussing the subject at hand, not insulting people that are posting comments.

      • Excuse me!! Please go back and read your posts to me. I responded to your posts insulting me. You really are a dope aren’t you? You start the name calling then get insulted when I return your insults. WOW!

  9. Too all you municipal workers, 2012 is the year you will be having your compenstation and pensions reduced. It will be through the courts under Chapter 9. If it not done this year there will be no business to pay the taxes in 2013. The states spends 6 billion dollars a year. In 2013 they will lose $245 million from the slot parlors. Then what will you putzes do?

    • Let their families support them! If they burnt those bridges maybe it is time to realize they have lived past their usefulness and the cost of keeping them alive with taxpayer dollars. There are many of you Rhode Islanders that make me think, for euthanasia.

      • Ed doesn’t realize most union workers are much more educated than the avg. Ed! Keep pumping gas Ed and blame others for your uneducated lifestyle.

    • Maybe you should ask Crossroads why they supported reducing the pension of the very people who donate to them. A LOT of retired employees were donating to Crossroads and now have they their income reduced. Since the state is saving so much money by not paying out retirements, maybe it can pick up the slack.

      • John Rhode Island public sector employees are just the same type of parasite that Crossroads takes care of, unproductive with no job skills. They sound like many of the food service workers in Rhode Island. They want more government money creating more government jobs for their own kids.

    • Here’s food for thought for you, John:
      Maybe organizations like Crossroads favored a change in Cola and all this garbage because they are on the frontlines of witnessing what poeple like RI stateworkers and unions are doing to the state?–Bringing it to it’s knees to pay bloated pension plans while others are starving, can’t afford housing and can’t get jobs because no one wants to do business in this high-taxing, corrupt state!

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