Watch Gina Raimondo’s appearance on CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’

Well well well, look who popped up on the nation’s top financial network this morning:

Raimondo also has an op-ed in today’s Providence Journal supporting Governor Chafee’s call for changes to fix the 36 locally run pension plans. I can’t link to it because the new e-edition’s share-articles tool is broken, but here’s an excerpt:

In recent weeks, I have met with leaders from municipalities seeking guidance on best practices, how to structure their process, and how to best use their actuaries.

In the coming weeks, Treasury will launch an online tool kit, based on the RIRSA process, which municipalities can use to assess their situations and craft their solutions. We will also host working sessions throughout the upcoming year for local leaders to help guide each stage of their work.

And while local leaders work toward solutions, we at the state level should also study creative ways to incorporate local plans into the state-administered municipal pension program. This move would provide for uniform benefits across municipalities, pooling of assets managed by the state and a legal requirement for municipalities to make annual required contributions.

Update: Hard Deadlines‘ John McDaid tracked down a link to Raimondo’s op-ed in the e-edition via the Rhode Island Statewide Coalition’s daily newsletter.

(h/t: Charlie Kroll and Patrick Laverty)

  • OREO

    I do hope Ms. Raimondo goes back on the “squawk Box” when she looses in court. Should be as funny as Crossroads short fall of $100,000.

  • Downsized54

    There will be no loss in court.Gina is the next Governor in RI.No amount of union nonsense can change that.

    • OREO

      I agree the union nonsense will not change the courts opinion. The LAW will! Just like Obamacare, these Dems think if they break the law for the greater good (their opinion) it’s OK. Wrong! We shall see. If the courts say there is NO contract then the union workers nolonger need to put into the retirement system, stste looses again.

      • Doug from South County

        I think she wants to be US Senator, not Governor. That’s where the real money is! She should jut about be elected to replace Whitehouse when the courts rule against her. So instead of the fixes that should have been made, RI taxpayers will really be behind the 8 ball, to fill the hole created retroactively due to the illegal moves she made along with the GA who bought her arguments, hook, line and sinker.

  • Downsized54

    Governor Gina has the Link messed up already.Who puts a prison lady in charge of the DMV???Dropping his chief of staff and for what??Change for the sake of change is not always good.

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