What’s new in the Bloomberg News profile of Gina Raimondo

Raimondomania continues.

The latest entrant is Michael McDonald, a reporter with the Boston bureau of Bloomberg News. His profile of the treasurer – given the oh-so-Bloomberg headline “Gina Raimondo Math Convinces Rhode Island of America’s Prospects” – moved on the wire service today.

McDonald’s story is a sympathetic but thorough look at the treasurer’s story and her role in passing the pension law last month, and he doesn’t include any glaring errors the way The New York Times did last fall. A few fun nuggets, also flagged by Ian Donnis on Twitter:

• Raimondo’s donors include Orin Kramer, Roger Altman, Whitney Tilson and Sheryl Sandberg (of Facebook).

• Newark, New Jersey’s mayor Cory Booker roomed with Raimondo’s husband, Andy Moffit, at Yale Law.

• Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Pa. Treasurer Rob McCord have reached out to her for pension advice.

Elsewhere on the Web, a rare note of dissension about the treasurer was sounded Tuesday on People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch blog. The post argues Raimondo’s speech last week at the Manhattan Institute “is likely to raise eyebrows back home because of what she said and where she said it.”

An earlier version of this post said Booker is the mayor of Trenton; he is the mayor of Newark.

1 thought on “What’s new in the Bloomberg News profile of Gina Raimondo

  1. I think that Right Wing Watch blog comment is hilarious.

    “People For the American Way’s Right Wing Watch is dedicated to monitoring and reporting on the activities of right-wing political organizations, in order to expose the agenda of the extreme Right.”

    Gina Raimondo? Extreme right? C’mon, zero credibility there. If she was extreme right, the whole pension issue would have been much harsher and the pension system would be replaced with defined contribution plans. No self-respecting “extreme right” would have had Alicia Munnell or Bob Walsh on the committee

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