New WPRI 12 Poll: Doherty 49%, Cicilline 34%, undecided 16%

By Ted Nesi and Tim White

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Congressman David Cicilline is headed for a double-digit defeat at the hands of Republican Brendan Doherty unless he finds a way to win back a large number of voters by November, according to an exclusive WPRI 12 poll released Monday evening.

The new survey of 250 registered voters in Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District shows Doherty, a former state police superintendent, would defeat Cicilline 49% to 34%, with 16% of voters undecided. Doherty’s lead over Cicilline has grown by two points since the previous WPRI 12 poll last May.

Cicilline has “moved the needle, but unfortunately for him in the wrong direction,” WPRI 12 political analyst Joe Fleming said. “Clearly, whatever he’s tried to turn it around hasn’t worked to this point.”

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• Interactive: Complete results from the WPRI 12 poll with cross-tabs

Coming up at 10: Whitehouse-Hinckley; approval ratings (Obama, Chafee, Reed, Whitehouse, Raimondo)

8 thoughts on “New WPRI 12 Poll: Doherty 49%, Cicilline 34%, undecided 16%

  1. Anyone who voted for Cicilline or is planing on voting for Cicilline is a fool. He was a poor Mayor and even worse Congressman. Everyone should wake up and vote against anyone endorsed by either party. It’s time Americans got their voice back.

  2. Rhode Island needs to maintain the Democratic block we have in Washington right now. I’m not concerned about Cicciliine’s track record as mayor, but I am concerned about boosting the number of Democrats in Washington voting together on important issues that affect RI.

    Are we going to become like many southern states, overwhelmed with poverty, yet voting against our interest by aligning with Republicans that are concerned with the welfare of corporations and the rich, all the while working to modify Social Security, Medicare, and other programs that many Rhode Islanders depend on?

    This is not a local issue. Voting for Cicciline is necessary for this State, whether you think he was a good mayor or not. Rhode Island needs help from the Feds, not the slash and burn policies of the Republicans. Do you want more obstructionist Republicans in power, or do you want a government that functions?

    Frankly it scares me to think that the RI poliitical mindset is not really any different from Alabama’s. Vote for your interests RI.

    • I’m not sure that Cicilline or the Democrats have done anything for RI. Our unemployment rate is one of the highest in the nation. They haven’t really gone all out to bring business and industry to the state. Another Democrat? I won’t vote for another Democrat for a long time to come. There is no one in our delegation to check the radical taxing and spending of the Democrats. It’s time that we have a Republican-majority in Congress from RI. The current delegation is nothing more than rubber-stamping, yes-men to the current administration. There are worse states than Alabama we could be like!

  3. We can only hope that Doherty beats Cicciline. The House is already Republican and a vote for Cicciline is a vote saying you agree with what he did to Providence.

    Rhode Island gets $1.04 back from every Federal Tax dollar we send to Washington so our ‘Democratic’ block is pretty useless.

    New Mexico and Mississippi get almost $2 back on same.

  4. Snow, you’re a joke with those generalizations. You’re just another teacher-union toadie. You talk like every Democrat is good and every Republican is bad. If generalizations are acceptable you, and I’ve had a bad teacher before then can I say that all teachers are bad? Is that what you teach your students, that generalizations are ok?

    John Chafee, was he bad? Ronald Reagan? Was he bad too? Abraham Lincoln?

    Jimmy Carter, was he good? Is Chuck Schumer someone you’d trust? Hell no.

    Voting for Cicciline, who is in the minority party is one of the worst things someone can do for RI. If you care about RI, you vote with the majority so your Congressman can actually do something. Cicciline has gotten nothing done in Washington, precisely because he’s ineffective and from the minority party. Sending him back is asking for more of the same.

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