WPRI Poll: Chafee slumps, Raimondo solid, Whitehouse safe

By Ted Nesi and Tim White

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Rhode Islanders of every stripe are unhappy with Gov. Lincoln Chafee’s performance as he settles into his second year in office, according to an exclusive WPRI 12 poll released Monday evening.

The new survey of 500 registered voters finds just 21% of voters give a positive grade to Chafee, an independent ex-Republican, while 75% give him negative marks. That includes nearly half of voters – 48% – who rate the job Chafee is doing as “poor.”

The widespread antipathy toward Chafee is a stark contrast with how Rhode Islanders view Treasurer Gina Raimondo. The survey shows 56% of voters give Raimondo a positive review.

The poll also finds U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse has a 22-point advantage over his challenger Barry Hinckley, with the Democratic getting 50%, the Republican getting 28% and 20% of voters unsure.

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• Interactive: Complete results from the WPRI 12 poll with cross-tabs

Coming on Tuesday: Should Providence file for bankruptcy? Should Rhode Island allow casinos?

  • Jim Donahue

    The unions must be steaming over Raimondo’s support.

    • OREO

      They are. But, maybe she loses in court and people see her for who she really is. Just maybe. Should be interesting, we should be able to tell if unions and their supporters really can effect an election. If Ms. Raimondo gets in they can’t.

      • Jim Donahue

        They always affect elections. The question is can they control them.

        They’ve shown they can control the Democrats primaries.

        The State won’t lose in court at least in the end and this is likely eventually headed to SCOTUS which may be a long long time. Can they get an injunction in the meantime??

    • karen lynch

      Not really.

      • Jim Donahue

        I’m sure that’s what they would like people to think but I suspect they have plans to try and take that number way down through different shady means.

  • GaryM

    I admire Ms. Raimondo for having the courage to: 1) bring up the pension issue when few wanted to talk about it, and 2) take a risk on a legal solution (use of state police powers) that few would have ever dreamed about.

    In spite of the ongoing court challenge and risks, she alone got the ball rolling. Her resume (Harvard, Yale, Oxford), combined with her professional background, was too hard for the GA to challenge.

    One Democratic woman against RI’s Democratic political machine.

  • riwillbesaved

    THE STRIKE FORCE IS COMING, and Rhode Island will be saved!

    • Ed

      I hope your right. Personally the only way Rhode Island will turn around if the voters do not re-elect any incumbents.

  • twiggy

    I hope Raimondo runs for governor. She is what RI needs right now.

    • http://msn Bill Coogan

      I agree. But the ‘sheeple’ of Rhode Island seem to be swayed by what the media is saying or what candidate has the best looks or, what the unions want…the unions got Chaffee, and now they have to live with him..I voted for Robataille, a common sense guy, but they don’t do well here. Hope Gina runs!

  • karen lynch

    Be careful who you vote for. I am not sure Raimondo is who she says she is.

    • Ed

      For a Democrat she is doing what needs to be done.

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