In Between Weather Systems Today

After a slippery start this morning–with black ice coating untreated surfaces–a dry, cool and uneventful weather day is unfolding across southern New England.  Temperatures will remain slightly cooler than average for early March, with highs in the upper 30s to near 40 and clouds will break for some peeks of sun at times.  In fact, visible satellite images from this morning are showing some clearing along the south coast of RI.

Visible Satellite Friday 9am
Visible Satellite Friday 9am

Enjoy it, because the next weather system to impact our area is racing toward the east coast.  This next system will be what we mets like to call an “inside runner”… taking a track through the interior northeast US…. bringing a surge of mild air, and thus, mainly rain to southern New England.

Saturday Morning Surface Map
Saturday Morning Surface Map

There might be enough cold air around to briefly begin with a bit of wintry weather late tonight, but that should be short-lived with rain all across Rhode Island and southeastern MA expected by 3am tonight. We may even see a few thunderstorms pop-up ahead of an approaching cold front tomorrow, as mild humid air provides plenty of moisture and instability.  The storms are not expected to be severe here, but some heavy downpours and lightning are possible.  I’m looking at an exit time of the wet weather between 1-4pm Saturday for most areas.  Leaving the rest of the weekend dry, brisk and seasonable.

This same storm system could bring more  tornadoes to the central US.  In fact, the Storm Prediction Center has placed a relatively rare “high risk” of severe (tornadic) storms over parts of Indiana, Kentucky and Tennesee today.  That classification is only used for the 1-2 most dangerous looking situations a year.  Very dangerous long-track tornadoes are possible in that area.

Probability of Severe Thunderstorms Friday Mar 2
Probability of Severe Thunderstorms Friday Mar 2

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