This Is News? Knights Shine, Timhattan

  • Vincent Council announced today that he plans to return for his senior year as opposed to entering the NBA draft. In other news the surface of the sun plans to be hot tomorrow. Did I miss something? Is Isiah Thomas still a General Manager in the NBA? Don’t get me wrong, Vincent is a better than average player but how in the world did he think of himself as a legit prospect in one of the deepest drafts in recent memory? In fact I just scoured the internet and failed to find one mock draft that has him getting selected in this or NEXT seasons draft!  His return will indeed strengthen a PC back court stockpiled with talent, but with super recruit Kris Dunn set to the join the fray the question is this. Will Council even be the best point guard on the team next season?
  • Major props to CCRI. We may have missed out on March Madness with the Big Four schools in Rhode Island but the community college guys nearly brought home a national title. More important to the players is the amount of exposure they got during their run through the bracket. Hundreds of NCAA coaches from all divisions were on hand to watch the festivities. One kid that is sure to get a fair share of Division One looks is Desmond Williams. The freshman from Connecticut was a solid scorer throughout and poured in 41 points in the national semifinal. Maybe his path will end up being a lot like the one taken by his older brother Jordan Williams. Jordan tore it up in high school but flew under the recruiting radar until eventually landing at Maryland. After two short seasons with the Terps he was taken 36th overall by the New Jersey Nets.
  • For nearly a week co-workers have been stopping by the sports office to weigh in on Tebow. “Why would they trade for a crappy quarterback?” “Did you see the Statue of Liberty Tebowing?” “I don’t like it but green really brings out his eyes” I honestly don’t have an answer or a really strong opinion on the second biggest storyline of one of the craziest off seasons in NFL history. As a Tebow lover I am happy that he’ll rattle Mark Sanchez’s cage and get a shot under crazy Rex Ryan. As a journalist it’s like Christmas and the Fourth of July wrapped into one left handed Ah Shucks little box of joy. For at least two weeks a year I can spend seven straight days talking about something other than the new-look 4-3 defense.

1 thought on “This Is News? Knights Shine, Timhattan

  1. For Council, I think it was more “playing professionally”. Obviously he isn’t ready for the NBA, but Europe was a strong possibility and there were rumors flying around he wasn’t going to come back next year. I love Kris Dunn and think he will be very good right away, but Council has played huge minutes for three years in the BIG EAST and could still be the better PG next season.

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