Hoops Is Over, NFL’s New Look

  • The NCAA basketball season ended with a bang. Kansas making the title game gave my bracket a faint but noticeable heartbeat. Enough to bring me from 70 something in standings to a 38th place finish. I didn’t win any money but I am eagerly awaiting my free haircut from Fresh Clips salon and shampoo artistry. From a local standpoint two former Ocean State coaches landed on their feet at two struggling mid-majors. Jim Baron wasted no time in getting back into the game. Baron takes over a Canisius team coming off of a five win season. It’s a good fit for Baron, who can rebuild programs and the fact that he’s semi-famous in western New York from his playing and coaching days at St. Bonaventure. Keno is more of a wild card. He was a one hit wonder at Drake after taking over a roster built by him and his dad Dr. Tom. He was way too much of a players coach at PC, which quickly led to the program getting away from him. Central Michigan isn’t exactly a hoops haven but we’ll truly find out how good of a coach/recruiter he really is.
  • The “new” Nike NFL uniforms created quite a buzz from fan bases throughout the league, until people saw them. Pro teams, unlike some college programs, did a good job of sticking with tradition. Other than the Seahawks, only the feel of the uniform will be different. In Nike’s own words the uni’s will have“shrink wrap tightness” to them.
  • Big thanks to Slick Willie and the Globetrotters for stopping by the station last week. No matter what city or what situation they’re in, it’s always pure entertainment. Slick didn’t even play basketball with us. In fact he worked with us for a day and as you might imagine, craziness ensued. Check it out. 

            http://www.wpri.com/dpp/news/local_news/providence/globetrotter-   wreaks-havoc-at-wpri-tv

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