Ciccone loses 2 of 3 committee posts; Ruggerio still No. 2

This just in from a whirlwind hour at the State House:

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Embattled state Sen. Frank Ciccone has lost his leadership post in the wake of allegations he tried to intimidate Barrington police officers last week as they were in the process of arresting one of his most powerful colleagues.

In a hastily called State House press conference Wednesday afternoon, Senate President M. Teresa Paiva Weed announced Ciccone has agreed to step down as chairman of the Senate Committee on Government Oversight. He is also stepping down entirely from both that committee and the Senate Finance Committee.

Ciccone, D-Providence, will remain vice chairman of the Senate Labor Committee, Senate spokesman Greg Paré told It’s unclear who will become chairman of the oversight committee; the current vice chairman is state Sen. James Sheehan, D-North Kingstown.

Paiva Weed said she met with Ciccone earlier Wednesday afternoon and “expressed my concern regarding the events of last week,” she told reporters in a statement that lasted roughly 50 seconds. “He agreed the events were regrettable and he was contrite. After a brief discussion we agreed that the institution of the Senate is larger than any one individual.”

“It is my desire to put these events behind us and focus on the work that needs to be done to move Rhode Island forward,” Paiva Weed said. When reporters began shouting questions as she started walking back into her office, she said: “At this time I would prefer not to make any further statement.”

Much more here.

5 thoughts on “Ciccone loses 2 of 3 committee posts; Ruggerio still No. 2

  1. Too bad he won’t resign from the Senate. Ted why don’t you bring up one of his aides is a convict of manslaughter charges? The people of North Providence and Silver Lake are pathetic, to elect a person like Frank Ciccone. Too bad he is not the only dirt bag up at the State House. Silver Lake’s entire elected state officals are criminals. John Carnevale is also from Silver Lake.

  2. From Senator Ciccone’s official website:

    GENERAL BACKGROUND: Business and Professional Groups: RI Italian American Police Officials Association.

    His “Constituent Services” also includes:

    “The office can help with … transportation issues”

    Sen. Ciccone will need to explain to the “RI Italian American Police Officials Association” why he won’t offer an apology to the Barrington officers involved.

  3. What don’t we know about Yesterday’s Sudden rush put the Ruggiero/Ciccone Saga to bed

    Anyone that follows Rhode Island Politics that’s digested the Rush to close out the Ruggeiro/Ciccone’s political adventure must be wondering if the wind shifted and the Rank Odor Is coming from Smith Hill and not the landfill…

    Senate Pres. Terry Weed’s sudden urge to move on, with a Symbolic outing of Sen. Frank “Bubba” Ciccone Not characteristic… any other time Smith Hill members would all run for cover under their desks and ride out The storm…. Barrington PD has seemingly gone dark beyond what we already know.
    This can’t be the end of the story… Something else about to break??

    Much Obliged,

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