Talent On The Move

It used to be zoo keepers assistant but the job now on top of my “I’d never want to do that” list is head coach of a Division I men’s basketball program. Sure the money is nice but having to dance around NCAA rules and the middle men that are becoming more prevalent by the day would be enough to make me run headfirst into the nearest wall.

Players leaving programs for a fresh start is as old as the peach basket but transferring has become so frequent this offseason that schools need to hire general managers to keep track of players coming and going.

 The latest news to hit Friar Nation is the report that Bryce Cotton has asked for his release in hopes of transferring to another school. PC and head coach Ed Cooley have called it speculation but the source seems to be a good one. The report was posted on areacodesbasketball.com, which happens to be run by Chad Groth. At the end of the Cotton story it says Bryce will “look at his options after the school year and be advised by his mentor Chad Groth.”

That brings us back to the middle men that seem to be running the game. You either get on board like Kentucky head coach John Calipari has with World Wide Wes or you head to a directional school somewhere in the middle of the country where the term “Student Athlete” doesn’t come with a snicker and an eye roll.

Ed Cooley knows the game and although he’d no doubt like to hold on to some of his veterans, he’s still in position to reload with a crop of young talented guards. In the meantime we’ll wait and see if the Cotton report unfolds into a PC press release similar to the one we go last week on Gerard Coleman.

1 thought on “Talent On The Move

  1. Watching all theses kids just leaving is not a good sign for coach Cooley.Just because these kids were recruited by the last coach does not mean you should kick them to the curb.

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