Bill Simmons makes fun of Providence’s pathetic NBA team

Apparently a decade in Los Angeles hasn’t cured Bill Simmons of his Massachusetts superiority complex.

From his latest Grantland column (emphasis mine):

Do you realize Charlotte has a chance to finish with the NBA’s worst winning percentage ever? The ‘73 Sixers own the worst 82-game record (9-73); the ‘99 Grizzlies own the worst strike-shortened record (8-42); and the ‘48 Providence Steamers set the records for fewest wins (they went 6-42) and most times someone said, “They put a team THERE?” (215,563 times and counting).

Hey Simmons, the team’s name was the Providence Steamrollers, thank you very much. And I’m sure they did the best they could during their very short three-year existence.

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  • Ace in the Car

    There’s a reason that people like Simmons are called Massholes!

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