EngageRI PAC raised $12,650 in first quarter; donated nothing

Engage Rhode Island, the deep-pocketed group that successfully pushed passage of the new pension law, raised $12,650 for its new political action committee and made no contributions during the first three months of this year.

EngageRI PAC had $14,069 on hand as of March 31, according to a report filed with the R.I. Board of Elections. The group donated $6,000 to the General Assembly’s top six Democrats last year and organizers have said it will provide support for legislators who voted for the pension overhaul.

EngageRI PAC’s first-quarter donors included Bernard Buonanno Jr., a senior partner at Riparian Partners, which was purchased last year by Oppenheimer & Co.; Ted Long, a lawyer and former top aide to U.S. Sen. Jack Reed; Terrence Murray, the former chairman of FleetBoston bank; and a number of others who supported Engage RI’s original 501(c)4.

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An earlier version of this post incorrectly said the EngageRI PAC donor is Bernard Buonanno III, a managing director at private-equity firm Nautic Partners; his father, Bernard Buonanno Jr., is the donor.

3 thoughts on “EngageRI PAC raised $12,650 in first quarter; donated nothing

  1. Engage donates to top Democrats and is linked to Treasurer Riamondo…are you getting it now? Cicilline=Whitehouse=Fox=Paiva Weed=Riamondo=Rugerrio=Ciccone= DEMOCRATS! All on the same team and supporting each other. They ALL need to go! You are who your friends are! They ALL NEED TO GO in November.

  2. So, a Dad of a managing partner at Nautic Partners gave money to an anti-pension group. One wonders how far the apple falls from the tree… But the (removed) comment hit the point (and apparently a nerve). Nautic Partners has received just shy of $40 million dollars from the state pension system. Does Nautic Partners pay RI taxes? I wonder. According to their website, Nautic Partners is based right here in little Rhody. However, they are conveniently registered in the state of Delaware.
    Of course, private equity firms are also famous for paying capital gains taxes on their income (they like to call it carried interest) while we serfs (and all state workers) pay a much higher rate on our wages.
    Oh, and full disclosure, the uncle (of B the III) is Senator Chris Dodd.

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