Can Gemma beat Cicilline? Find out Wednesday in our new poll

Congressman David Cicilline is expecting to face Republican Brendan Doherty in the November election – but he’ll never get the chance if businessman Anthony Gemma snatches the Democratic nomination from him in September’s primary. So what are the chances of that actually happening?

We’ll have the answer Wednesday when we release the results of an exclusive new WPRI 12 poll. Democratic primary voters in the 1st Congressional District weighed in on whether they plan to vote for Cicilline or Gemma, how they feel about the two candidates, which one is more electable and how Cicilline’s apology tour is going.

Tim White and I will have the complete poll results online and on air Wednesday at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. The survey of 302 likely Democratic primary voters in the 1st District was conducted last Tuesday through Saturday by our pollster, Fleming & Associates, and its margin of error is 5.7 percentage points.

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3 thoughts on “Can Gemma beat Cicilline? Find out Wednesday in our new poll

  1. Who cares ? You get to replace one political hack with another. Years ago we sent a painter to congress ( Eddie Beard) He proved to be a waste of voters time in the polling booth. Now we get to send a plumber to carry the torch? RI voters get short shrift once again. It should be mandatory that people who run for state and federal office from RI pass a civics exam and as most of the legislature could not distinguish between a bill and a check, except the latter comes from someone looking for something, and the former is what the taxpayers get stuck with. So, it really doesn’t matter who goes to DC as the fix is in even before they board the plane to DC. Maybe a write in candidate would work. Say someone like Curt Shilling , since he’s doing such a wonderful job with 75 million of taxpayers cash. RI politics is a sick joke and it’s citizens aren’t laughing.

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