Boston Globe’s front page says it all about the 38 Studios mess

It’s not just a Rhode Island saga anymore.

The Boston Globe, New England’s largest newspaper and one of the nation’s best, devotes significant resources in Friday’s edition to detailing the 38 Studios mess and commenting on its genesis and implications.

In addition to this extensive overview by Todd Wallack and former Projo scribe Mark Arsenault, two of the paper’s columnists tackle the topic.

“If hypocrisy had a face, a look, a certain familiar strut, it would be that of old favorite Curt Schilling,” Brian McGrory writes in a piece excoriating Schilling. Meanwhile, business columnist Steven Syre writes: “Schilling and his company may have Rhode Island officials over a barrel but 38 Studios shouldn’t be their problem to solve. That would turn a poor decision into a disaster.”

And, McGrory adds, “the Rhode Island officials who committed this public money to 38 Studios are idiots.” Ouch.

The most poignant part of the Globe coverage, though, is the front page.

Juxtaposed with the 38 Studios coverage is a banner headline about Massachusetts’ unemployment rate dropping to 6.3% – on the same day Rhode Island’s rose to 11.2%. It’s hard not to see a lesson in the disparate performances of the Bay State that spurned Schilling and the Ocean State that aided him.

7 thoughts on “Boston Globe’s front page says it all about the 38 Studios mess

  1. The three Rhode Island dunces on the Globe front page.

    Ted, photoshop a dunce cap on each of them.

    Anyone think the economy is getting better?

    Hewlett Packard is announcing 35,000 layoffs next week and there is a run on banks in Greece and Spain which will spread.


  2. Ted, you might want to go back and do some research as Gordon Fox was heavily involved in this and seems to have been given a pass. In fact, you should also look into attorney Michael Corso, a close associate of Fox who assisted 38 Studios.

    I would also like to point out that Governor Chafee is in charge of the EDC and should have been all over this from the start of his term. It appears he was not. Asleep at the wheel? Plenty of blame go around.

    • Concerned Citizen, you are right on. Particularly with Chaffee and the EDC. And yes, plenty of blame to go around.

  3. Hey Rhode Island the world is watching. You people are morons, you keep electing the same rejects to office every other year. You complain about your taxes going up but you consisently want government entitlement funds. Why is that? Too bad you rejects don’t know how to act ethically. Your poor judgment makes you the embarrassment of the United States.

  4. Amazing the Chafee-haters use this story for their silly insults yet again even though he was right when he vigorously opposed this deal as a candidate and is right to seek to salvage the situation he inherited. The whole sorry episode shows both how hypoctrical right-wingers like Schilling and Carcieri are when publically espousing the “free market” but really dealing with getting and giving taxpayer subsidies when they can, and also it shows the silliness of RI and MA raiding each others businesses which add nothing to the regional economy but put the taxpayers in both states at risk.

    • Look I know Chafee inherited this I never said otherwise but if you think he’s not a dunce then you haven’t been following the Pleau situation where the Federal Courts have basically said Chafee doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

      He is an idiot.

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