Boston Globe’s front page says it all about the 38 Studios mess

It’s not just a Rhode Island saga anymore.

The Boston Globe, New England’s largest newspaper and one of the nation’s best, devotes significant resources in Friday’s edition to detailing the 38 Studios mess and commenting on its genesis and implications.

In addition to this extensive overview by Todd Wallack and former Projo scribe Mark Arsenault, two of the paper’s columnists tackle the topic.

“If hypocrisy had a face, a look, a certain familiar strut, it would be that of old favorite Curt Schilling,” Brian McGrory writes in a piece excoriating Schilling. Meanwhile, business columnist Steven Syre writes: “Schilling and his company may have Rhode Island officials over a barrel but 38 Studios shouldn’t be their problem to solve. That would turn a poor decision into a disaster.”

And, McGrory adds, “the Rhode Island officials who committed this public money to 38 Studios are idiots.” Ouch.

The most poignant part of the Globe coverage, though, is the front page.

Juxtaposed with the 38 Studios coverage is a banner headline about Massachusetts’ unemployment rate dropping to 6.3% – on the same day Rhode Island’s rose to 11.2%. It’s hard not to see a lesson in the disparate performances of the Bay State that spurned Schilling and the Ocean State that aided him.

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