Salvatore defends 38 Studios: its game ‘would blow you away’

38 Studios' Salvatore, Todd McFarlane and Schilling

Curt Schilling isn’t talking about 38 Studios, but one of his collaborators is.

R.A. Salvatore, the veteran fantasy writer who helped create the world of Amalur and the storylines for 38 Studios’ games, has taken to the liberal website Daily Kos to defend the company and express regret that the public hasn’t seen “Project Copernicus,” the game 38 Studios was developing with a $75 million taxpayer-guarnateed loan.

“This game is much further along than is being reported – I wish I could show you some of it – and the environments, the animations and the game-play would blow you away,” Salvatore wrote.

“The things they were doing with music and ambient sound took the entire concept of sound in a video game to another level,” he said. “I could go on all night, but I’d probably get sued.” His comments were first reported by Eurogamer.

Salvatore is due to receive $1.46 million from 38 Studios in October under the terms of a consulting agreement he signed with the company in 2007, according to a bond disclosure notice obtained by He is also eligible to earn up to $5 million in royalties from net receipts of “Reckoning” and other 38 Studios products.

“Maybe I’ll never see a dime for those hundreds of hours [of work for 38 Studios], but I got the chance to work in the most incredible creative environment you can imagine,” Salvatore wrote. “So be it.”

Salvatore defended the company’s financial deal with Rhode Island, saying the massively multiplier online game market has changed significantly since Schilling founded 38 Studios in 2006. “38 didn’t go begging for a handout from Rhode Island…Rhode Island offered to secure a bond for them when the credit crunch reigned, trying to lure them out of Massachusetts,” he explained.

“I’m not trying to be snarky here, but RI was trying to create a game hub in Providence – Hasbro is there (and is the state’s largest employer),” he wrote in response to other commenters. He pointed to other examples of government-nurtured companies in Austin, Tex., Eastern Canada and New Orelans.

38 Studios “had already generated nearly $20 million in revenue for the state” since moving to Rhode Island last year, and only spent $49 million of the bond proceeds, he asserted, before adding: “Yeah, it’s still going to sting.”

“Reckoning showed a TINY slice of the world 2,500 years BEFORE the MMO,” Salvatore said, referring to 38 Studios’ recently released debut game. “A TINY slice of a past age that ties to the meta-story of Amalur in the way a tale of the Schism in the Catholic Church might relate to modern day Earth…yes, the world lore was THAT BIG.”

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(photo: 38 Studios)

7 thoughts on “Salvatore defends 38 Studios: its game ‘would blow you away’

  1. Mr. Salvatore if you think the game is so great, go talk to the venture capitalist, lets see if they think the same. At least when they something is worthwhile, they don’t just talk it, they walk it, and their money is where their mouth is, where is your money?

  2. I am sure that in his mind that he is correct on all accounts. But even a fantasy world must operate in the real world. And given the tepid response of some recent MMO releases that also had graphics and music the blew people away you have to accept that the only vivid color that will get a VC to invest is “green” and the only ambient sound they want to hear is “ka-ching”

  3. We should listen to Mr Salvatore. He really knows what he’s talking about. Oh, and we should believe in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy and Cupid and Santa. Our X governer, Keith Stokes, Gordon Fox and the EDC should stop drinking the bong water. I just can’t believe the stupidity of our so called leaders. Star struck, dilusional and out of touch with reallity.

  4. Salvatore, , you are a dreamer, you stupid little dreamer. This is the lyrics from the song Dreamer from Supertramp.

  5. 300 people are now without a job, without health insurance, and some are losing their house because the Studio is no longer paying their relocation mortgage. But Mr. R.A. “This dark elf novel is different, really” Salvatore says its all good so clearly everything is fine.

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