Curt Schilling back on ESPN as ‘Baseball Tonight’ TV analyst

38 Studios is bankrupt, but Curt Schilling still has a job.

The former Red Sox ace returned to ESPN as an analyst on its “Baseball Tonight” program last Sunday, a spokesman told Sports Business Journal. He’s been with the network since 2010, the same year Rhode Island lured his game company here in exchange for a $75 million loan guarantee.

Schilling made another appearance on the program Thursday evening – the same day 38 Studios filed for bankruptcy in Delaware – alongside fellow ESPN personalities Karl Ravech and Tim Kurkjian.

It’s unknown how much ESPN pays Schilling for his appearances on the network. 38 Studios didn’t pay Schilling a salary over the past year, but the company did spend $39,424 on his travel expenses and $16,454 on his medical and dental benefits, court documents show.

Schilling also appeared twice on Colin Cowherd’s ESPN Radio podcast during the first two weeks of May, after 38 Studios defaulted on a $1.1 million payment to the R.I. Economic Development Corporation.

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7 thoughts on “Curt Schilling back on ESPN as ‘Baseball Tonight’ TV analyst

  1. Last I checked Curt Schilling knows a great deal about baseball. Last I checked he hasn’t committed an offense justifying removal by ESPN. So Mr.Nesi, what’s your point? Or, is this pretense of journalism supposed to convince us of something nefarious? If you’ve got something on him , spell it out. Otherwise, please take your concerns to a taxidermist… Get Stuffed!

  2. Get rid of the bum, ESPN doesn’t like loser’s. Dont believe me…ask Sean Salisbury. Plus he’s a dam cheat and thief.

  3. Curt Shilling’s face or voice on TV will make any RI tax payer vomit. The whole business failure scenario was so all of a sudden…

    Just a little while ago everything was so bright for Curt Shilling and 36 Studios, that the state of RI couldn’t resist giving them $75 million. False promises + sudden financial failure immediately after receiving millions from the public = fraud. It’s so simple really, where there’s smoke there’s fire…

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