Watch Newsmakers with John Ward, Zaccaria and Pacheco

7 thoughts on “Watch Newsmakers with John Ward, Zaccaria and Pacheco

  1. Stop going to the General Assembly to get special exemptions. Work within the rules and regulations. Time to CUT to the bone, cut services and lay people off. No more crying about it making excuses. We all know you have worked with the unions for consessions but it’s not enough. I’ll vote for Mrs HUNT now. John Ward I live in Woonsocket and I think you to cut services and lay people off, cut all unions base pay by 15 percent across the board, and cut benifits. I don’t care if our benfits are simular to other cities. Stop asking the taxpayers to fix the problem.

  2. So Ed Pacheco’s rationale for electing Democrats this year boils down to: “Even though we screwed things up for so long and so badly that the state was about to collapse, you should send us back to office because we finally did what Republicans said should have been done for years once we had no other choice.” Good work Mr. Chairman.

  3. when will politicians, unions and city halls wake up. no new taxes , the economy is tough enough in this recessions , losing homes , less food on the table and less spending.

    we need better city managers….and start cutting their health , budgets and make the municipal unions and teachers accept less.

    I cant believe that 9 months , vacation time and full health coverage and the pays some teachers make today.

  4. Ward talks about sitting down with the unions. This should have been done after the defeict reduction bond one and a half years ago. The requirements for getting the bond were forgot about after they got the money. If Houle and Galogy did there job along with the mayor of Woonsocket the problems would have been caught sooner and maybe corrective actions taken that would have kept us out of possible receivership.

    • Tom hit the nail on the head. Their lack of follow-up action then is the reason for them needing to take drastic actions now! His claim in this interview that the defeat of the Supplemental Bill being the cause that will necessitate them taking drastic actions, without proper time to work the issue is lame, to say the least, as Tom so eloquently states.

  5. Hopefully Pacheco realizes the Democrats have lost a number of their lifelong master lever Rhode Islanders due to the shameful antics of Paiva Weed, Fox and Raimondo. Disaffiliations that were never formerly an option!!!!

  6. Edwin Pacheco is the leader for the party of Gordon Fox and Paiva Weed! The Democrats have put us where we are and he has no answers. The reporters here should have questioned him on every bad bill they introduced and pushed in the legislature, such as the auto body bill, utility bill surcharge, the budget, etc.

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