Schilling’s wife attacks Chafee, media; Curt ‘is so intelligent’

By Ted Nesi

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Curt Schilling’s wife took to Facebook on Friday to slam Gov. Lincoln Chafee for his handling of the crisis that led to 38 Studios’ bankruptcy and to critique the media’s coverage of the company.

Curt Schilling soon followed suit with his own Facebook post responding to a new Associated Press story about emails that suggest 38 Studios failed to provide the EDC with timely access to its financial statements in May despite repeated requests by a state lawyer on behalf of auditors from Deloitte.

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5 thoughts on “Schilling’s wife attacks Chafee, media; Curt ‘is so intelligent’

  1. At the very least she should return to school or get tutored in English. Her grammar and lack of sentence structure are astounding.

    Shame on you, Ms. Schilling, for making a feeble attempt to taunt the RI taxpayers!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is SERIOUS business!!!

  2. Mrs Schilling seems to have lost the capability for rational thought and actions, as evidenced by her incoherent, incomplete-sentenced rants against the Governor, RI taxpayers & the media. Check out her non-sensical giberish as sent to Mark Curtis on She may be close to a brteakdown, but it’s bobody’s faul;t except her loud-mouthed, cry-baby hypocrite husband who’s so intelligent that he cluelessly ran his business into the ground and put the screws to RI’s taxpayers and his whole staff.

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