Anthony Gemma has a new Twitter feed: @Gemma4Congress

When I checked in on Twitter this afternoon, I found a somewhat surprising message.

The tweet from @Gemma4Congress, which arrived at about 2:35 p.m, said: “Thank You so much for your support of @AnthonyGemma, @tednesi.”

Now, as a reporter I make an effort not to support one candidate over another, particularly in races that I’m covering. Nor did I recall publicly declaring my support for Gemma over his Democratic opponent David Cicilline on Twitter, or anywhere else for that matter.

But I did send this tweet at 1:35 p.m.: “NARLAL Pro-Choice America endorses @davidcicilline, says @anthonygemma ‘is attempting a make-over’ on his abortion stance.” And judging by the @Gemma4Congress page, it’s programmed to send an automatic “thank you” to those who mention @anthonygemma.

This may not come as a surprise considering Gemma’s social-networking skills have already drawn considerable critical attention. At this writing, @Gemma4Congress has accumulated 13,683 followers just nine days after sending its first tweet, far surpassing @davidcicilline’s 3,432.

Most of the @Gemma4Congress tweets are those automated thank-yous, but there are also job postings (#GemmaJobs), weather reports (“It’s going to be PM Thunderstorms tomorrow!”), photos (a Central Falls senior event), and of course inspirational quotations: “Dream your dreams with your eyes closed but live your dreams with your eyes open!” Who can argue with that?

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