Anthony Gemma has a new Twitter feed: @Gemma4Congress

When I checked in on Twitter this afternoon, I found a somewhat surprising message.

The tweet from @Gemma4Congress, which arrived at about 2:35 p.m, said: “Thank You so much for your support of @AnthonyGemma, @tednesi.”

Now, as a reporter I make an effort not to support one candidate over another, particularly in races that I’m covering. Nor did I recall publicly declaring my support for Gemma over his Democratic opponent David Cicilline on Twitter, or anywhere else for that matter.

But I did send this tweet at 1:35 p.m.: “NARLAL Pro-Choice America endorses @davidcicilline, says @anthonygemma ‘is attempting a make-over’ on his abortion stance.” And judging by the @Gemma4Congress page, it’s programmed to send an automatic “thank you” to those who mention @anthonygemma.

This may not come as a surprise considering Gemma’s social-networking skills have already drawn considerable critical attention. At this writing, @Gemma4Congress has accumulated 13,683 followers just nine days after sending its first tweet, far surpassing @davidcicilline’s 3,432.

Most of the @Gemma4Congress tweets are those automated thank-yous, but there are also job postings (#GemmaJobs), weather reports (“It’s going to be PM Thunderstorms tomorrow!”), photos (a Central Falls senior event), and of course inspirational quotations: “Dream your dreams with your eyes closed but live your dreams with your eyes open!” Who can argue with that?

8 thoughts on “Anthony Gemma has a new Twitter feed: @Gemma4Congress

  1. Heavens to Betsy it is even worse than I thought. All of those 13,683 follows must be paid for as any real human would quickly unfollow after receiving that barrage of auto-tweets in their feed.

  2. Lots of dummy accounts there with 0 tweets. Names like “Prentice Schoemaker” or “Lancelot Tewell” or “Halstead Denmark” or “Pietrek Currance” or “Honig Erwin”. Large numbers of them don’t put spaces before periods, and a great many seem to label their interests as “beeraholic” or some such thing.

  3. Gemma’s electronic support is as mythical as his voter support. It is entirely appropriate his last fundraiser was at a restaurant named “Vanity”, assuming that “No Chance Saloon” was not available.

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