The lucky 30 who’ve already won their General Assembly races

More than two dozen General Assembly races are already over before a single ballot is cast because only one candidate filed for the seat. Here’s who is currently listed as running unopposed and therefore won’t have to campaign this fall, according to the secretary of state:

  1. Sen. Maryellen Goodwin (D), District 1
  2. Sen. Walter Felag (D), District 10
  3. Sen. Chris Ottiano (R), District 11
  4. Sen. Lou DiPalma (D), District 12
  5. William Conley (D), Senate District 18
  6. Sen. Roger Picard (D), District 20
  7. Sen. Erin Lynch (D), District 31
  8. Sen. David Bates (R), District 32
  9. Sen. Dennis Algiere (R), District 38

  1. Rep. Maria Cimini (D), District 7
  2. Rep. Anastasia Williams (D), District 9
  3. Rep. John Carnevale (D), District 13
  4. Rep. Charlene Lima (D), District 14
  5. Rep. Joseph McNamara (D), District 19
  6. Rep. David Bennett (D), District 20
  7. Rep. Eileen Naughton (D), District 21
  8. Rep. Frank Ferri (D), District 22
  9. Rep. Joe Trillo (R), District 24
  10. Rep. Jared Nunes (D), District 25
  11. Rep. Samuel Azzinaro (D), District 37
  12. Rep. Stephen Ucci (D), District 42
  13. Rep. Arthur Corvese (D), District 55
  14. Rep. James McLaughlin (D), District 57
  15. Rep. Elaine Coderre (D), District 60
  16. Rep. Raymond Johnston (D), District 61
  17. Rep. Mary Duffy Messier (D), District 62
  18. Rep. Helio Melo (D), District 64
  19. Rep. Raymond Gallison (D), District 69
  20. Dennis Canario (D), House District 71
  21. Rep. Peter Martin (D), District 75

Among the most surprising names on this list is Rep. Carnevale, who survived calls for his resignation last fall when he was charged with sexual assault; the case against him was dismissed after the alleged victim died. Also lucky are Democrats William Conley (Senate District 18) and Dennis Canario (House District 71), who aren’t even incumbents but don’t face opposition. Canario is actually a pickup for Democrats, since that seat was previously Dan Gordon’s and John Loughlin’s; Republicans couldn’t get someone on the ballot this time.

12 thoughts on “The lucky 30 who’ve already won their General Assembly races

  1. It figures Carnevale will run unopposed. Look the people who live in his district. There are 29 sex offenders in his district. How many other criminals live there?

  2. Welcome to the Banana Republic of Rogues Island. There hasn’t been a real two party system since at least the early 1950’s. The state has been dominated by a D label since the 1930’s. Indeed, when you think of what has passed under an R label, it’s difficult to conclude anything other than Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Fortunately, the state’s role in federal elections has almost zero meaning/effect.Anytime you wonder why the economic circumstances are so bad, just think of a failed ideology still behaving as if it were 1935 and an utterly decadent political culture not worth the proverbial powder to send it to the moon.

  3. Who cares? Wouldn’t really make a difference if the whole GA was running unopposed. The same result as if none of them were running unopposed. The same bought and paid for GA because RI voters are too dopey to want to change this sewer.

  4. The key for the Republicans is to hold all their seats currently in the Senate and win all the contested Senate seats. By winning those seats the Senate can prevent a 2/3 majority vote and stop any budget the House passes. The State Senate is the key to saving RI.

  5. The Democrats have started the sinking of the USS Rhode Island. Many don’t want to jump on now. I will be voting for Republicans across the board.

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