35 Dem, 5 Republican primaries for General Assembly this year

There are 113 seats in the General Assembly’s two chambers, and 30 of those elections are over before a single vote is cast because one candidate is running unopposed. But not everyone on Smith Hill was so lucky – some politicians must fight off challengers in the Sept. 11 primary to keep their seats.

Here’s a district-by-district look at which districts have primary elections. Incumbents are in bold. If the current lawmaker isn’t in the primary, I put the name in brackets.


In the House, 18 incumbents face primary challengers – all Democrats except Republican Rep. Laurence Ehrhardt, who’s opponent says she was told he’d be retiring and then surprised her by deciding to run again.

  • District 2 (D): Chris Blazejewski vs. Dirk Hennessey
  • District 6 (D): Raymond Hull vs. Peter Wasylyk
  • District 8 (D): Michael Tarro vs. Libby Kimzey vs. John Lombardi
  • District 11 (D): Grace Diaz vs. Laura Perez
  • District 12 (D): Leo Medina vs. Joseph Almeida
  • District 16 (D): Peter Palumbo vs. Michelle Bergin
  • District 18 (D): Art Handy vs. William McKenna
  • District 30 (R): Robert Bolton vs. Emil Fachon vs. Antonio Giarrusso [Watson]
  • District 32 (R): Laurence Ehrhardt vs. Sharon Gamba
  • District 34 (R): Stephen Tetzner vs. Christopher Wilkens [Tanzi]
  • District 35 (D): Spencer Dickinson vs. Kathleen Fogarty
  • District 39 (R): Clay Johnson vs. Michael Picillo [Valencia]
  • District 40 (D): Lauri Archambault vs. Jon Restivo [Chippendale]
  • District 44 (D): Peter Petrarca vs. Gregory Costantino
  • District 45 (D): Rene Menard vs. Mia Ackerman
  • District 46 (D): Jeremiah O’Grady vs. John Douglas Barr II
  • District 49 (D): Lisa Baldelli-Hunt vs. Stuart Gitlow vs. Michael Morin
  • District 50 (D): Jon Brien vs. Stephen Casey
  • District 52 (D): Karen MacBeth vs. Augustus Uht
  • District 54 (D): Lance Mantia vs. David Pellegrino vs. William O’Brien [Schadone]
  • District 56 (D): Agostinho Silva vs. Joseph Faria
  • District 58 (D): William San Bento Jr. vs. Carlos Tobon
  • District 59 (D): J. Patrick O’Neill vs. John Arcaro
  • District 63 (D): Robert Britto vs. Katherine Kazarian vs. Sam Lovett vs. Charles Tsonos [DaSilva]
  • District 65 (D): Gregg Amore vs. Timothy Chapman vs. James Miller [Savage]
  • District 68 (D): Kenneth Marshall vs. John Hanley [Morrison]
  • District 73 (D): Marvin Abney vs. David Carlin [Jackson]


In the Senate, eight incumbent Democrats and one Republican face primary challengers.

  • District 3 (D): Maryellen Butke vs. Gayle Goldin [Perry]
  • District 5 (D): Paul Jabour vs. Maura Kelly
  • District 9 (D): Michael Pinga vs. Adam Satchell
  • District 14 (D): Daniel DaPonte vs. Roberto DaSilva
  • District 16 (D): Elizabeth Crowley vs. Joseph Moran
  • District 17 (D): Louis Azar vs. John Cullen [O’Neill]
  • District 19 (D): Ryan Pearson vs. James Spooner [Moura]
  • District 24 (D): Marc Cote vs. Lewis Pryeor
  • District 25 (D): Frank Lombardo vs. Nicole Amelia Acciardo
  • District 26 (D): Frank Lombardi vs. Gene Dyszlewski [Lanzi]
  • District 29 (D): Michael McCaffrey vs. Laura Pisaturo
  • District 33 (D): David Gorman vs. Leo Raptakis [Shibley]
  • District 34 (R): Frank Maher vs. Paul McFadden

Update: WPRI 12 political analyst Joe Fleming calls to say it’s actually surprising to him that there are four Republican House primaries. “It’s a rarity that there are so many,” he said. “Usually there’s only one or two.”

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An earlier version of this list incorrectly classified the Senate District 34 race as a Democratic primary and missed the Democratic primary in House District 56.

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