David Cicilline – implacable foe of irresponsible city spending

It’s easy to forget now that when Congressman David Cicilline won the mayor’s office in November 2002, he was hailed as a reformer who help Providence move past the corruption-stained Cianci era. These quotes from a 2000 Providence Phoenix story about the city’s questionable spending offer a reminder:

Not everyone wants the new bond to pass. “To borrow $50 million, with no detailed plan and procedure for approval of projects, invites problems,” says state Representative David Cicilline (D-Providence), who represents the East Side and is co-chair of Providence’s caucus in the House. …

Cicilline also objects to the use of bonds to help non-profit agencies. “It’s irresponsible to ask the residents of the City of Providence to make donations to non-profit organizations,” says Cicilline, a likely mayoral candidate in 2002. “It’s not appropriate to use borrowed money . . . it shouldn’t happen.”

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