David Cicilline – implacable foe of irresponsible city spending

It’s easy to forget now that when Congressman David Cicilline won the mayor’s office in November 2002, he was hailed as a reformer who help Providence move past the corruption-stained Cianci era. These quotes from a 2000 Providence Phoenix story about the city’s questionable spending offer a reminder:

Not everyone wants the new bond to pass. “To borrow $50 million, with no detailed plan and procedure for approval of projects, invites problems,” says state Representative David Cicilline (D-Providence), who represents the East Side and is co-chair of Providence’s caucus in the House. …

Cicilline also objects to the use of bonds to help non-profit agencies. “It’s irresponsible to ask the residents of the City of Providence to make donations to non-profit organizations,” says Cicilline, a likely mayoral candidate in 2002. “It’s not appropriate to use borrowed money . . . it shouldn’t happen.”

4 thoughts on “David Cicilline – implacable foe of irresponsible city spending

  1. There are no words to describe Rhode Island voters. I would love a study done why you people believe in the boss system. You people kept electing that idiot Buddy Cianci, then you buy into Cicciline nonsense. My question is why do you people condone criminal behavior from your elected officals?

    • No study needed Ed. The problem is the state motto is “I know somebody”, which means you know or know somebody who knows a politician who will do a favor for you like getting you a state job or whatever. This is a perverse form of status in the little sewer of a political unit called Rhode Island. Since everybody in RI knows or knows somebody who knows somebody, as long as the somebodies come through with the favors, nobody cares what crimes they commit or what money they steal from the taxpayers. That factor combined with the public employee gravy train keeps the sheeple here voting for the same crooks year after year. My personal attitude is that I don’t know any somebodies and if you do please don’t mention my name.

  2. There is no end to this man’s hubris. Rep. Cicciline is incapable of telling the truth when it does not suit his purpose.

    Ed is right….Buddy Cianci was no better as far as telling lies and allowing corruption. Now, people vote him The Best of Something in RI magazine. Go figure. Rhode Islanders…especially Providence voters…are codependent to this type of individual. Really a sad situation.

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