Would Rahm Emanuel have pushed Cicilline out of the race?

It’s long been a mystery to Rhode Island political observers why Washington Democrats apparently made no effort to push Congressman David Cicilline to retire and allow a more popular candidate to run in the 1st District. Folks in the Beltway are asking the same question, National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar reports:

In the course of a recent conversation I had with a senior Democratic strategist, the operative expressed a sense of nostalgia for the halcyon days of 2006. That was when Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York and Rahm Emanuel ran the Democratic congressional campaign committees with a no-holds-barred approach, anointing their favored nominees and pushing aside weak candidates to clear election fields. …

Those days are long gone …. The clearest example of the changed environment can be seen at Emanuel’s old stomping grounds at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee; the DCCC is at risk of losing four House seats in solidly Democratic territory thanks to ethically tainted incumbents and weak candidates. …

The not-so-fearsome foursome are Rep. John Tierney, D-Mass., Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I, Connecticut House Speaker Chris Donovan, running in CT-05, and former Rep. Alan Grayson, running in an Orlando-area seat newly drawn to elect a Democrat. …

Party leaders had plenty of time to recognize that Cicilline faced serious problems, with his weak 2010 performance, alarming poll numbers and stream of bad headlines. But instead of recruiting an alternative candidate in a district where Democrats dominate, they watched and are still waiting to see what transpires.

9 thoughts on “Would Rahm Emanuel have pushed Cicilline out of the race?

  1. Is Rahman Emanuel a democrat? His anti-union, anti-public education stance would make him an impossible candidate for progressives.

  2. throw out cicilline 15% approval rating yea he thinks hes going to win another term just like gov gump with an approval rating at 18% and senator shithouse with 25% these 3 embarrsing politicians dont have a clue just look at the numbers

  3. I don’t know who “Snow” and “Mike” are or why they don’t want anyone else to know. I do know David Cicilline. And here is a theory:
    Maybe, when all is said and done, and if people stop and think about the issues and the stakes, he is going to win.
    And maybe the party poobahs and operatives in Washington recognize that.
    Perhaps I am wrong, but at least you and your readers can look at my name and evaluate my comments in light of who I am.
    Why your web site and so many others publish comments, especially of the hit and run variety, from anonymous sideline sitters is beyond me.
    Best regards,
    M. Charles Bakst

    • If your comment is worthwhile, M, it shouldn’t matter what your name is. If you require your fame to get your words heard, you probably aren’t worth listening to. Plus, to insist upon full disclosure of one’s identity when one wants to criticize a politician is profoundly creepy and antithetical to democratic society.

    • M. Charles Bakst, have you heard about public school teachers all over the country being suspended and fired for airing their Constitutionally protected freedom of speech? How about state employees and teachers who write letters to the editior in the Projo being negatively contexualized by having their names, positions and /or dates of retirement placed at the end of their letters?

      • Public school teachers should not be talking contracts in class nor should they be allowed to wear buttons with frowns on about their contracts. The kids don’t vote. Public school teachers should take their case to the parents.

      • Rex, I don’t think they should either, unless it’s to illustrate how labor functions in the 21th century, in other words, as a teaching tool. I agree with you, that although we can’t always control how our values make an appearance in our classrooms, teachers should not try to influence kids with their own ideologies. Most teachers would gree with you.

        In college, I never like the classes that were run by ideologues who tried to brainwash students instead of teaching them their discipline. I’ve tried to avoid that in my own teaching. Most teachers feel the same way.

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