The RI Foundation wants your ideas for fixing the economy

The Rhode Island Foundation wants your ideas for fixing the state’s economy.

The nonprofit will hold a two-day event called Make It Happen RI on Sept. 7 and 8 to bring together leaders in the state’s private sector to develop an action plan for improving economic development. Here are the themes for the nine working sessions:

  • Attacking Unemployment
  • Marketing Rhode Island
  • Support + Growth for Existing Businesses
  • Business Environment
  • Closing Skills Gaps
  • Startups: Helping Entrepreneurs Thrive
  • Quality of Place
  • Leveraging/Maximizing Sites
  • High Potential/High Impact Sectors

Do you have an idea? Send them to by Aug. 27 or leave a comment below.

(Disclosure: The Rhode Island Foundation sponsors “Executive Suite.”)

9 thoughts on “The RI Foundation wants your ideas for fixing the economy

  1. Elminate zoning to start. Let property owners do what they want with their property. Next elminate car tax, inventory tax, the business tax. These need to be called what they are extortion. Next all levels of Rhode Island government have to cut spending, reduce the number of public sector employees, and they have to work 8 hours with a 30 minute unpaid lunch break. Elminate all social services, stop rewarding the pathetic parasites that won’t move on. Stop being the magnet for such pathetic people.

  2. I say anything healthcare or medicine related. Pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, etc. I’m wondering if these industries will profit if obamacare really does take full effect.

  3. increase the percentage rate to 20% of revenue from newport grand and twin river.
    if you want a reduction of people needing assistance then go after non custodial parents for more child support instead of court order minimums of $11.55 a week.
    judges should not be exempt from pension reform.
    eliminate “entertainment section” on voucher expense accts.for all elected/gov’t officials.

  4. Fund the college of nursing at URI. The medical field will create jobs and encourage people to stay in RI. Re-prioritize existing dollars to fund i.e. stop filling high level state jobs, do not pay the bonds on studio 38, eliminate legislative grants, etc.

  5. You have to bring jobs into the state, Need to get with people that are building large factories i.e Boeing , Airbus, Volkswagon , Japaneese auto companies and exploit the Qounset area. We have All modes of transportation there Road , Seaport, Air. We could put a cruise ship terminal there along with large factory, For example if a company was to hire 5000 or more people direct cut them a tax break for 10 or 15 yrs as long as they maintaines employment, The payrolls from such would creat a numerous amount of jobs outside of there and at the same time would help state revenues. If you live in a place where everyone is working it keeps the rift raft down and many of the states social woes would fix themselves. But first you have to get our state goverment on board and as long as you have a democratically controlled goverment we will never proseper and the last 30 yrs is perfect example, Little Rhody is a great place but we never excel at anything and its our own faults

  6. Rhode Island needs to honestly examine itself. It is one of a only a few states with a negative population growth. Those who are leaving are the college educated, working age professionals. I left two years ago due to the horrific RI job market. High unemployment drives down wages. Within weeks of moving to Virginia I had a good job. The mindset of many Rhode Islanders needs to change. There is not enough manufacture to maintain the union mindset. Become a right-to-work state. It is not just people leaving…it is also companies who are heading south. Rhode Island needs to improve everything from the roads, to its choice of elected officials to the tax structure. I was born and raised in RI but there was nothing left keep us there. Rhode Island, it is time to change or become a welfare state.

  7. Cut property taxes a third and make RI an attactive place to raise a family.Cut all business taxes in half.Most of all vote this GA out in November.As long as they have money and their friends get state jobs thats all that matters.This GA could care less the state is sinking.Cut the state work in half and reduce their ridiculous salaries.RI being a union state is killing us.

  8. You would have to have your head in the sand if you can’t see the major problem in RI is the General Assembly, the politicians and union leaders. 
    The incestuous relationships that continue to grow with pay offs, hiring incompetent relatives, high salaries, benefits, etc, etc….. You all know what I mean.  The years of a one party system have destroyed my Rhode Island.  If you don’t “know” someone you can’t get anything done. 
    State employee unions are wrong.  When a man on disability can be a body builder and still collect, it is wrong.  When a man can be photographed sleeping, reading, etc in his car all day and still be put in charge of another project which again goes in to over runs, it is wrong.  When a bridge starts to show disintegration before it is barely finished and that contractor gets another contract, it is wrong.  When a man is found guilty of stealing from the tax payers and still gets his pension, it is wrong.  When the Mayor of Central Falls is not held accountable for destroying that town, it is wrong. 
    Unfunded mandates have hurt towns.  They are not all the same and should not be treated as such.  What you might need in a Central Falls does not necessarily apply in a Barrington.
    The GA’s reaction to the Station Fire is a perfect example. All the pols jumped on the band wagon of condemnation because it was safe. Many small business were lost because they could not survive under all the new regulations. Many wonderful old buildings were destroyed. A young man who was just doing his job went to jail while the Fire Marshal and Building Inspector got away with not doing their job.
    We need to start with TERM LIMITS.

    • Lynn is absolutely correct. Positive change will not happen until we demand TERM LIMITS in all levels of government!!!!!! Politicians do not do what is right for the city, state or country. They “do” what will get them elected year after year after year etc. I believe they might do what is right, if they knew their time was limited!

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