Chafee raised $44K in 2Q; gov’s war chest stands at $233K

Lincoln Chafee continues to raise money like a man seeking reelection.

The governor boosted his campaign war chest to $233,108 during the three months ended June 30, up from $208,566 on April 30, according to his latest filing with the R.I. Board of Elections.

Chafee raised $43,980 during the second quarter and spent $17,699 on campaign expenses. Among those who gave the governor $500 each were Pat Rogers, his former chief of staff; Mike Trainor, his former spokesman; and David Gilden, who was replaced as the EDC’s general counsel in the wake of the 38 Studios debacle.

Gilden’s replacement, attorney Jonathan Savage, also gave Chafee $500. Other contributors included the lobbyists Rick McAuliffe, Gerald Harrington and Robert Goldberg, and prominent businesspeople Arnold Chace, Jim DeRentis, Brad Dimeo, Bill Gilbane, Jeff Grybowski, Timothy Horan, Diane Hurley, Dennis Keefe and Michael Ryan.

Chafee still owed himself $1.61 million from loans he made to his 2010 gubernatorial campaign as of June 30.

Chafee, an independent, has sidestepped questions about whether he will run for a second term in 2014, though during a February appearance on “Newsmakers” he said: “I’m raising money, and that’s really the test of if you’re serious about running.” He added: “And no one likes that, so…”

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