Raimondo raises staggering $258K in 2Q, giving her $857K

Gina Raimondo continues her reign as Rhode Island’s undisputed queen of fundraising.

The treasurer raised $258,155 during the second quarter while racking up just $19,984 in campaign expenses, according to her latest filing with the R.I. Board of Elections.

Raimondo’s already formidable campaign war chest jumped from $617,922 on April 30 to $857,903 on June 30. The first-term Democrat and former venture capitalist is widely expected to run for governor in 2014, capitalizing on her successful push for the state’s landmark pension overhaul last year.

Raimondo now has far more cash available than Providence Mayor Angel Taveras, a Democrat who had $237,239 on hand as of June 30, and incumbent Gov. Lincoln Chafee, an independent who had $233,108. Unlike her two rivals, the treasurer reported no small-dollar contributions.

Raimondo raised a significant amount of money outside Rhode Island during the second quarter, pulling in contributions from Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, North Carolina, California, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

She received $1,000 each from Joel Klein, the former New York City Education Chancellor who is now a senior executive at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., and Arthur Levitt Jr., the longtime Securities and Exchange Commission chairman.

Closer to home, Raimondo got $1,000 each from Deanna Donnelly, the wife of Textron CEO Scott Donnelly; retired Hasbro CEO Alan Hassenfeld; Swipely CEO Angus Davis; FGX International CEO Alec Taylor; and Providence Municipal Court Judge Frank Caprio Sr., among many others.

Surprisingly, the treasurer received a $100 contribution from retiring state Sen. John Tassoni, D-Smithfield, a union ally in the General Assembly who was one of only two state senators to vote against Raimondo’s pension law last November. Unlike Chafee and Taveras, Raimondo received no donations from union PACs.

Her expenses included $13.65 at a McDonald’s in New York City.

The treasurer has opened up a huge financial advantage over former Attorney General Patrick Lynch, a Democrat who had $334,772 on June 30, the most in the state after Raimondo. The only announced candidate for governor so far is former Auditor General Ernie Almonte, a Democrat who had $105,046 on hand.

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5 thoughts on “Raimondo raises staggering $258K in 2Q, giving her $857K

  1. After perusing the impressive list of donors, I now more fully understand why Raimondo is so adamant that the taxpayers pay back the Studio 38 bonds.
    Most of the contributors are from the financial and legal fields. Defaulting on those bonds would not sit well with her supporters.

  2. An afterthought concerning Senator Tassoni’s contribution — it’s not so surprising if you give credence to the persistent rumor that Raimondo agreed to refrain from actively pursuing municipal pension reform in return for the municipal union(s)’ support of her state pension reform bill. With the exception some workshops/lectures for mayors and a few editorials, she has kept that promise. This donation makes that rumor even more plausible.

  3. The retired Hasbro CEO contributed to Raimondo — okay teachers, you know who your enemy is. How many of you used Hasbro toys in your classrooms? All you grandparents, boycott Hasbro. I know I will. He’s not just the retired CEO, he and his brother and their family ran the company for years and years — owned it. Shame on them! They’re supporting the person who is stealing the teacher’s retirement. And Nesi, more cheer leading for Raimondo. Why don’t you ask some tough questions and follow the pay offs to Engage RI? Why don’t you show people what retirees are going to have to live on in three years, in five years, in ten years and then when they’re eating cat food. But don’t worry, RI will be safe for venture capitalists. That’s this state’s idea of morality.

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