Taveras raises $114K; mayor passes gov with $237K on hand

Providence may be hurting for cash, but the mayor’s campaign sure isn’t.

Angel Taveras raised $114,810 during the second quarter and spent $32,427 on campaign expenses, according to his latest filing with the R.I. Board of Elections. The first-term Democrat’s fundraising prowess is being closely watched amid speculation about whether he could run for governor in 2014.

The size of Taveras’s campaign war chest jumped from $154,857 on April 30 to $237,239 on June 30, increasing his cash on hand by $82,382 in just three months. He now has slightly more available than Governor Chafee, who ended the quarter with $233,108. Brett Smiley is the mayor’s chief fundraiser.

Taveras received a number of intriguing contributions during the second quarter, including $1,000 from Engage RI PAC, the pension-reform group closely associated with his potential Democratic rival Treasurer Gina Raimondo. He also got $200 from Kerry King, the Republican who ran against Raimondo in 2010.

Other Taveras donors with familiar names were Richard Bready, Dennis DiPrete, Alan Hassenfeld, Patrick Lynch, Clay Rockefeller and Dominick Ruggerio. The mayor’s biggest campaign expenses included $3,752 spent on catering from Venda Ravioli on Federal Hill.

Taveras wasn’t the only city politician who raised a lot of dough during the spring. On the Providence City Council, David Salvatore’s war chest grew by $10,824 and Seth Yurdin’s rose by $6,021, their filings showed.

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