Gemma: My jobs plan ‘is as daunting as its promise is thrilling’

Democrat Anthony Gemma often says voters should read his jobs plan if they want to understand why he’s running for Congress and what he would do if he defeats David Cicilline and Brendan Doherty.

Luckily for voters, Gemma has posted the 30-page plan on his website. And the open letter to Rhode Islanders that kicks it off offers a sense of how sweeping the two-time candidate’s vision is.

“Its detail is as daunting as its promise is thrilling,” Gemma declares. “Yet you will find that every step I propose to take is supported by copious documentation. And rest assured that I know precisely how high the stakes are for every man, woman and child in Rhode Island.”

“Let me be direct,” he continues. “When my Congressional 21st Century Jobs Plan is successful, it will be remembered as the opening engagement in a New Industrial Revolution for the 21st century.”

The document forecasts that its provisions will create 10,000 new jobs over five years. “By any empirical measurement it is the most ambitious, aggressive, documented, challenging, and promising jobs plan currently before the people of Rhode Island,” Gemma writes in the conclusion.

These are the four points in Gemma’s jobs plan:

  1. “Positioning Rhode Island to become the center of America’s $125 billion wellness industry.”
  2. “Accelerating job growth in the health care industry.”
  3. “Creating construction jobs to build and restore infrastructure and to support the use of green and renewable technologies in the development and expansion of new and existing businesses in the wellness and healthcare industries.”
  4. “Facilitating easier access to demand-driven education and training at the Community College of Rhode Island and other higher education and technical institutions.”

A footnote defines wellness as “measures and consumer goods and services used to prevent disease and the promotion of physical well-being through active and healthier lifestyle.” The full plan is here as a PDF.

15 thoughts on “Gemma: My jobs plan ‘is as daunting as its promise is thrilling’

  1. Pink boxes are popping up all across Cape Cod. They’re clothing donation boxes that purportedly benefit the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation, a Rhode Island-based nonprofit. Recycling Associates Inc., a private, for-profit Rhode Island business, is also listed on the boxes.

    The Gemma Foundation receives $100 per pink box, per year, said Donald Mariani, a partner with Recycling Associates of Cranston, R.I. Meanwhile, his company collects an undisclosed amount of cash from the sale of JCrew, Puritan and other upscale clothing that people deposit in the more than 40 bins on Cape Cod.

    It’s an arrangement that’s almost as startling as the hot pink boxes

    “You go on the Web site and you look at the thing about the boxes and you get the distinct impression they’re sending this clothing overseas to clothe the naked and the poor,” McManus said. “Then you go (to another Web site) and the same organization is looking for buyers of clothing in 40,000-pound bundles.”

    The Gemma Foundation Web site includes a news release about its partnership with Recycling Associates. Clothing is “shipped to processing centers where it is sorted, repackaged and shipped to areas of the world where it may do the most good,” it stated yesterday morning.

    Anthony Gemma, president of the foundation which was founded in memory of his mother, a breast cancer victim, conceded that sentence was misleading and should reflect that the clothes are sold. “It should be straight. It should be reworded,” Gemma said.

  2. If an idea can’t be written out on a 3 X 5 card the idea has not been thought out well enough. Gemma is a stereotypical useless Rhode Islander. He uses the Gemma Foundation to advertise his business. His business cannot stand on its own merits.

  3. Anthony does what Rhode Islanders do best, count on the Federal Government. His letter has no creative ideas such as doing away with the inventory tax, the business tax, the car tax, elminating social services, giving school vouchers so parents have a choice for school for their kids. Rhode Island will never grow jobs until the people stop voting for the same morons, cut public sector compensation and benefits, get off the anti tax attitude. The people have to get off the beleive they are special. Most Rhode Islanders that I have met are nothing but trash that are desecendants from illegal ailens that came to this country in the early 20th century. They anscestors were disposible and some things never change.

    • I agree Ed, this guy is a dope. First of all, the chances of RI healthcare industry beating out Mass General/Partners for the center of the healthcare industry is laughable. Most of this stupid plan is based on #1, and a small part is based on infrastruce of other types. And the whole thing is financed by Uncle Sam. Typical Rhode Island Demoncrat.

      • John, really. Ed has a point despite his diatribe about some of the dummies here.

        RI HAS to change to survive and the electorate needs to grow up and dislodge the oligopoly ( you can look that word up ) of the unions and GA that control it, all sucking off the same cozy-money source.

        Some people love the state and do want to try to save it. Its a serious race between the states now and without change RI is cooked. How can a guy who runs around placing (ugly bright) pink boxes adnauseum so he can profit of them ( yes people who run not for profits make money ) on the sly not sound like same old same old RI self-pandering baloney. Just sayin…

      • John, it is people like you that disgust me about Rhode Island. You keep sticking with the status quo. Go out and see how things are done in prosperous parts of the country and you will then see what I am talking about. BTW are you paid by the taxpayers?

  4. Really? This is exciting? Only demand can create jobs. Where’s the unmet demand? There is absolutely nothing in this Plan that represents some type of demand that isn’t being met. The funniest part is”

    “Creating construction jobs to build and restore infrastructure and to support the use of green and renewable technologies in the development and expansion of new and existing businesses in the wellness and healthcare industries.”


  5. In his second run, Gemma still does not understand what Congress does. His overall campaign has become a sad event, creating an unortunate public record of his personal struggles.

    • Gemma, is a typical Rhode Islander, he only knows how to play the victim card. Yes it is sad his mother died of cancer. How many other people lost loved ones to tragic deaths. What makes him so special? Gemma is a pathetic little person.

  6. Quite apart from the fact that Gemma’s jobs plan won’t work, I can’t believe no one’s called him on the fact that producing only 10,000 jobs over the next five years is a terrible jobs performance. With any reasonable population growth, such a low level of jobs growth would actually mean a rising unemployment rate. When you’re more than 50,000 jobs in the hole, a promise to create 10,000 jobs, and to take five years to do it, is a slap in the face.

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