Gemma: My jobs plan ‘is as daunting as its promise is thrilling’

Democrat Anthony Gemma often says voters should read his jobs plan if they want to understand why he’s running for Congress and what he would do if he defeats David Cicilline and Brendan Doherty.

Luckily for voters, Gemma has posted the 30-page plan on his website. And the open letter to Rhode Islanders that kicks it off offers a sense of how sweeping the two-time candidate’s vision is.

“Its detail is as daunting as its promise is thrilling,” Gemma declares. “Yet you will find that every step I propose to take is supported by copious documentation. And rest assured that I know precisely how high the stakes are for every man, woman and child in Rhode Island.”

“Let me be direct,” he continues. “When my Congressional 21st Century Jobs Plan is successful, it will be remembered as the opening engagement in a New Industrial Revolution for the 21st century.”

The document forecasts that its provisions will create 10,000 new jobs over five years. “By any empirical measurement it is the most ambitious, aggressive, documented, challenging, and promising jobs plan currently before the people of Rhode Island,” Gemma writes in the conclusion.

These are the four points in Gemma’s jobs plan:

  1. “Positioning Rhode Island to become the center of America’s $125 billion wellness industry.”
  2. “Accelerating job growth in the health care industry.”
  3. “Creating construction jobs to build and restore infrastructure and to support the use of green and renewable technologies in the development and expansion of new and existing businesses in the wellness and healthcare industries.”
  4. “Facilitating easier access to demand-driven education and training at the Community College of Rhode Island and other higher education and technical institutions.”

A footnote defines wellness as “measures and consumer goods and services used to prevent disease and the promotion of physical well-being through active and healthier lifestyle.” The full plan is here as a PDF.

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