NFL’s Nightmare, Free Ricky

  • Last year the players were locked out, this year it’s the refs. That equals two straight strange preseason’s and most likely a second straight strange start the regular season. Last night’s Pats-Giants game was one of the most embarrassing displays of officiating ever seen on any level of any sport. The league will go with replacements for week one and most likely beyond which means more than one Division III college ref will be scarred for life from the Bill Belichick death stare. The NFL has proven tough when it comes to negotiating but they may back down a bit if we have any repeats of what we saw in the Meadowlands.
  • Free Ricky is at a fever pitch. My Twitter account almost exploded Wednesday when a picture of Ledo on PC’s campus was posted to Friar Blog. As I write this we haven’t heard from the NCAA on his eligibility but Ledo and the Friars are acting like he’ll be on the floor for them this season.
  • I am still amazed by the lack of interest in college football in the Northeast. I understand the distaste for the politicking in the sport but the atmospheres, the uniforms and the nationwide discussion of who ranks number one are enough to fill my Saturday’s during the fall.

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