Let Tracy Breton be your guide to RI’s new public records law

Rhode Island’s new public records law takes effect on Saturday. A great rundown from the Projo:

Come Sept. 1, at least on paper, Rhode Island will become a more transparent state.

Before adjourning in June, the General Assembly overhauled the state’s Access to Public Records Act which incorporates a new “balancing test” that public officials will have to use when deciding whether to release records requested by the public. …

It appears that some public bodies, including the Judicial Nominating Commission, will have to revise some operating procedures and release more information. …

The new law will require disclosure of additional details of employment contracts for certain government employees, including presidents of the state colleges and universities. Employees of contractors and subcontractors working on public works contracts are also subject to the amended act. …

It requires police departments to provide basic information about an adult’s arrest within 48 hours of a request, or within 72 hours if a request is made on a weekend or holiday.

Read the rest here. For more information, check out the RI ACLU’s new overview.

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