WaPo’s Fred Hiatt is latest national journalist to laud Raimondo

Via Ian Donnis, relentlessly centrist Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt is the latest big media type to heap praise on Treasurer Gina Raimondo for shepherding through last year’s pension law:

At the Democratic convention in Charlotte last week, a delegate from Rhode Island walked up to Gina Raimondo and said, “You cost me $300,000.”

Raimondo, the state treasurer who had quarterbacked a major pension reform, steeled herself for abuse. Instead, the delegate, a retired schoolteacher and wife of another retired schoolteacher, thanked Raimondo and gave her a big hug.

“This system was going to blow up,” she said. “Thank God you fixed it.”

These days it sometimes seems that the only alternative to the paralysis that blocks entitlement reform in Washington is the kind of all-out war waged by Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. If you find both extremes depressing, the story of Gina Raimondo may cheer you — to a point.

Read the rest here. Hiatt gets a few thoughts out of the treasurer that we hear less often, such as why she pushed for a hybrid pension plan (“important to me as a Democrat, because retirement is about security”) and why Rhode Island needs to on faster economic growth. As Ian pointed out, though, Hiatt also flatly labels her “the most popular politician in Rhode Island” – a questionable assertion considering the high approval of Angel Taveras, her rival pension reformer.

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6 thoughts on “WaPo’s Fred Hiatt is latest national journalist to laud Raimondo

  1. What a mother load of buncombe! “Relentlessly centrist Washington Post editorial page editor…” There is nothing centrist at all about that editorial page. It is relentlessly far left. “…all out war waged by Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin…” Give us a break. So called all out war was and is waged by the far left corrupt public employees unions in Wisconsin. They’ve thrown everything but the proverbial kitchen sink… and, lost electorally. As for your sycophant praise and adulation of the RI General Treasurer, let’s wait and see if her legislative handiwork stands the test of constitutionality. Meanwhile she and her fellow Democrats have done precisely nothing… nada… to correct Rhode Island’s 1968 Teacher Collective Bargaining Statute. That law guarantees whatever is agreed upon in contracts must be funded by the local taxpayers. What is fiscally and politically responsible about that? Guarantee, that the General Treasurer and the rest of this decadent Democrat run state will do nothing about this. They’ve spent the better part of two plus generations behaving as an annex to public employee unions. Oh, and not for nothing, these unions are run by folks who have few qualms about selling out their own members. It’s what they’re about … expanding their power,influence, and keeping as many of their members dependent upon their political good will and connections.

    • YRI

      Very well stated!

      I agree with all you’ve said except on one major point.

      I trust you recall that John Robitaille’s platform in his run for governor promised to terminate the pension plan replacing it with a 401K. But he also promised to honor all benefits earned up to that point of termination. You would have done better under the Robitaille plan

      John lost by the smallest of margin beaten by Mr Chafee who became a chameleon. That smallest of margin was likely the result of union members voting en masse for the chameleon.

      So does this mean Republicans will be a favorite in November? Not likely.

  2. The heaping of praise is primarily for taking a risk that the decision will stand up to a court challenge.

    If it does not (the likely outcome), I wonder what will be said as people have to dig deeper into their pockets to make payment on all that has gone unpaid?

  3. As a matter of fact, I did vote for John Robitaille. Look what choices we were given, and a plurality of voters elected an airhead and goof ball as Governor. However, it is the Legislature in this state that matters most. That body was, is, and remains dedicated to perpetuating the fiscal,economic, and political policies that place the state dead last in most comparative measures. I don’t doubt that honoring the obligations made by law will be upheld by the courts. I doubt the General Treasurer and Legislature will ever tell the truth about their political gamble. More important is their irresponsibility will compound what is already a dying state. Time wasted, dollars wasted, no fundamental break with generations of irresponsible public sector policies. The Rhode Island anchor should be replaced by a turkey… with the motto… “Will Anyone Please Buy This Turkey?”

    • YRI

      I’m trying to do a census of how many in RI actually understand the issues and the consequences of making stupid choices.

      I broke 10 last week. Now I’m up to 11.

      Thanks for the common sense!

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