Who won, who lost in this year’s General Assembly primaries

Good luck finding a narrative in the results of this year’s 40 primaries for General Assembly.

There was no rhyme or reason to who won and who lost on Tuesday evening. Look at the scorecards for various groups that endorsed: Marriage Equality Rhode Island had nine wins and 10 losses. The unions’ Working Families Coalition won 10 and lost nine. The K-12 reform group RI-CAN won two and lost two. The Rhode Island Latino Political Action Committee was an exception, claiming a great night with eight wins in 10 races.

Senate President M. Teresa Paiva Weed and House Speaker Gordon Fox both had good nights. Only one incumbent senator in Paiva Weed’s Democratic caucus lost – and it was Michael Pinga, whom insiders never liked. She won’t face much pressure to push gay marriage next year. Fox’s caucus also had a decent run.

Here’s a scorecard. Incumbents are in bold. Winners in italics face no opposition in November.


In the House, 18 incumbents faced primary challengers – all Democrats except Rep. Laurence Ehrhardt.

  • District 2 (D): Chris Blazejewski (Hennessey loses)
  • District 6 (D): Raymond Hull (Wasylyk loses)
  • District 8 (D): John Lombardi (Tarro, Kimzey lose)
  • District 11 (D): Grace Diaz (Perez loses)
  • District 12 (D): Joseph Almeida (Medina loses)
  • District 16 (D): Peter Palumbo (Bergin loses)
  • District 18 (D): Art Handy (McKenna loses)
  • District 30 (R): Antonio Giarrusso (Bolton, Fachon lose; Watson retires)
  • District 32 (R): Laurence Ehrhardt (Gamba loses)
  • District 34 (R): Christopher Wilkens (Tetzner loses; Tanzi is incumbent)
  • District 35 (D): Spencer Dickinson (Fogarty loses)
  • District 39 (R): Clay Johnson (Picillo loses; Valencia is incumbent)
  • District 40 (D): Lauri Archambault (Restivo loses; Chippendale is incumbent)
  • District 44 (D): Gregory Costantino (Petrarca loses)
  • District 45 (D): Mia Ackerman (Menard loses)
  • District 46 (D): Jeremiah O’Grady (Barr II loses)
  • District 49 (D): Lisa Baldelli-Hunt (Gitlow, Morin lose)
  • District 50 (D): Stephen Casey (Brien loses)
  • District 52 (D): Karen MacBeth (Uht loses)
  • District 54 (D): William O’Brien (Mantia, Pellegrino; Schadone retires)
  • District 56 (D): Agostinho Silva (Faria loses)
  • District 58 (D): William San Bento Jr. (Tobon loses)
  • District 59 (D): J. Patrick O’Neill (Arcaro loses)
  • District 63 (D): Katherine Kazarian (Britto, Lovett, Tsonos loses; DaSilva retires)
  • District 65 (D): Gregg Amore (Chapman, Miller lose; Savage retires)
  • District 68 (D): Kenneth Marshall (Hanley loses; Morrison retires)
  • District 73 (D): Marvin Abney (Carlin loses; Jackson retires)


In the Senate, eight incumbent Democrats and one Republican face primary challengers.

  • District 3 (D): Gayle Goldin (Butke loses; Perry retires)
  • District 5 (D): Paul Jabour (Kelly loses)
  • District 9 (D): Adam Satchell (Pinga loses)
  • District 14 (D): Daniel DaPonte (DaSilva loses)
  • District 16 (D): Elizabeth Crowley (Moran loses)
  • District 17 (D): John Cullen (Azar loses; O’Neill is incumbent)
  • District 19 (D): Ryan Pearson (Spooner loses; Moura is incumbent)
  • District 24 (D): Marc Cote (Pryeor loses)
  • District 25 (D): Frank Lombardo (Acciardo loses)
  • District 26 (D): Frank Lombardi (Dyszlewski loses; Lanzi retires)
  • District 29 (D): Michael McCaffrey (Pisaturo loses)
  • District 33 (D): Leo Raptakis (Gorman loses; Shibley is incumbent)
  • District 34 (R): Frank Maher (McFadden loses)

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8 thoughts on “Who won, who lost in this year’s General Assembly primaries

  1. Good point on trying to find a narrative. I think you came close with saying leadership of both chambers of the GA won the day. I think there is one very important message though that came out of the results. In House 50 Jon Brien went down in large part because of his co-sponsorship of legislation that enabled the 38 Studios deal. The 38 Studios issue incites a visceral contempt from almost every Rhode Islander. I think if the General Assembly ponies up for he moral obligation bonds there will be more than one Jon Brien in 2014.

    BTW the map with the result is off the “chart”! http://blogs.wpri.com/2012/09/11/who-won-who-lost-in-this-years-general-assembly-primaries/#comments

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