Offensive Explosion, Heisman Trophy Connection, Oh Deer That’s Spendy

I tweeted Sunday during the 3rd quarter of the Pats-Bills game that I thought the Patriots would score 30 points in the second half. Turns out I was way off! They instead plastered a helpless Bills defense to the tune of 45 points in just 30 minutes of action.

They also racked up some impressive numbers along the way. For example, the Pats had two 100-yard rushers (Bolden and Ridley) and two 100-yard receivers (Welker and Gronk). Only the second time in NFL history that has ever been done, the 2008 Packers were the other team to pull it off.  Easy to forget that this team was actually trailing at halftime and in danger of falling to 1-3 on the season.

Oh by the way, the Red Sox are still playing. It’s not often in these parts that a Sox-Yankees series to end the season can fly completely under the radar but that is exactly what’s happening. The question I have been posing to Sox fans, would you rather keep the Yankees from grabbing an AL East title or get revenge on the O’s after they drove the final stake through your epic collapse last season? The answer I most commonly get, take out the hated Yankees.

Is it a coincidence that our summer intern goes to West Virginia and left our sports office adorned with Mountaineers gear and that WVU’s Geno Smith tossed 8 touchdown passes Saturday in taking an early stranglehold on the Heisman race? I think not. He is definitely feeling the added powers of support from all the way out here in Rhode Island.

I hit a deer last week while pulling off an I-95 exit inCoventry. I can not think of a dumber animal in the history of animals. They have to be the easiest creature in the world to hunt. Just turn on your car and watch herds of them flock to the noise and the lights. I mean the thing literally jumped into the side of my car! Bambi, who wasn’t hurt and ran back into the forest by the way, cost me $2,000 and a lifelong distain for venison.

1 thought on “Offensive Explosion, Heisman Trophy Connection, Oh Deer That’s Spendy

  1. You should live in WI. We kill 35-40 thousand a year with cars. I once hit 4 in a two month period. That’s more than I got playing fast pitch.

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