Cicilline’s chances of winning upgraded by 2 more D.C. outlets

A good week for David Cicilline keeps getting better.

In the wake of a new WPRI 12 poll showing the congressman with a six-point lead over Brendan Doherty, two national outlets on Thursday upgraded the freshman Democrat’s chances of holding onto his 1st Congressional District seat.

National Journal moved the 1st District down 12 slots on its list of the nation’s most competitive U.S. House races, shifting it to #27. “Doherty has a steeper hill to climb,” the Beltway magazine’s Scott Bland wrote.

Hours later, Roll Call changed its rating on the 1st District race from tossup to Leans Democratic. “Cicilline seems to have rebounded and looks to be in much better shape than he was a few months ago in this very Democratic district,” the Capitol Hill newspaper’s Lauren Whittington wrote.

The Sabato Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics made the same move last month, changing its rating on the race to “Leans Democratic.” One holdout that’s still rating Cicilline-Doherty as a tossup is The Cook Political Report, though its editor is also considering a change.

Still, the incumbent is far from out of the woods. Cara Cromwell, who managed John Loughlin’s campaign against Cicilline in 2010, noted during a Friday taping of Newsmakers that he’s only polling 44% in the new poll despite widespread name recognition, which could mean Doherty has more room to build support.

8 thoughts on “Cicilline’s chances of winning upgraded by 2 more D.C. outlets

  1. Cicilline really??? WOW, Rhode Islanders are truly lost! I’d vote for a dog before voting for him. Rhode Islanders don’t ever complain about government again if he gets elected!

    • Oreo, I agree with you! I find Rhode Islanders are sadists, who would put with such abuse from their elected officals.? This is so they can say, “know a guy” to get into section 8 housing or senior housing.

  2. There are still some good reporters left at the ProJo. Hopefully, they will land on their feet to cover RI with whatever paper ends up covering RI after the ProJo folds. Great job Belo! The folks in Dallas-Ft. Worth use their paper there to line litterboxes.

  3. The definition of insanity, just keep voting for Democrats because Rhode Island is ranked last for business, 2nd for unemployment and even scores a D- for transparency. They control all 4 seats in Washington and 90% of the General Assembly. This week House Majority Whip J. Patrick O’Neill resigned because,

    “It became clear that the leadership team is not working together to bring about true change and they have no clear plan to address the issues the state is facing.”

    THE DEMOCRATS HAVE NO PLAN TO FIX OUR STATE! Have you had enough? Check out

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