Toronto Star profiles Patrick Kennedy push on brain research

Speaking of Rhode Island’s former congressman, he’s getting some press north of the border:

RUTHERFORD, CALIF. – Patrick Kennedy likes to show a black-and-white TV clip of his uncle, John F. Kennedy, promising to put Americans on the moon in the ’60s.

Kennedy, a former congressman from Rhode Island, has a lofty goal for this next decade — a “moon shot to the mind” that would lead to a cure for brain disease.

“If we can go to outer space, we can go to inner space, and if we can explore the outer galaxies, we should be able to explore the inner galaxies,” he said in an interview.

Kennedy is co-founder of One Mind for Research, a non-profit aimed at speeding global research in brain injuries and disorders.

He’s joined by private equity investor Garen Staglin and his wife Shari, Napa Valley winery owners whose son, Brandon, was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1990.

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