Cicilline, short on cash, tells backers he needs $40,000 more

Democratic Congressman David Cicilline is putting all his cards on the table.

In a notably direct email appeal to supporters Thursday afternoon, Cicilline said he needs to raise $40,000 to keep airing television advertisements as he battles Republican Brendan Doherty.

“Asking for money is the hardest and worst part of this job but unfortunately it is absolutely critical,” Cicilline wrote. “I am sure you’ve been getting a lot of emails asking for help this election season; I know I have.”

“But my Republican opponent has double the resources and will continue to flood the airwaves with vicious attacks against me over the next 19 days,” he continued.  “I know I have asked a lot, but this race is close and it’s important that we have the resources to respond effectively.”

Doherty had a significant financial advantage over Cicilline as of Sept. 30. Campaign finance filings show the Republican’s campaign had $510,219 on hand, while the Democrat’s had $240,962. The Cicilline campaign began airing a new TV ad on Thursday.

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Tim White contributed to this report.

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