Cook moves Cicilline-Doherty to ‘Lean Dem,’ GOP ‘pessimistic’

The Cook Political Report has joined a chorus of other forecasters in Washington, D.C., by changing its rating on Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District race from tossup to “Lean Democratic.”

“Like Lazarus, Cicilline appears to have risen from the ranks of the political dead,” Cook editor David Wasserman wrote Thursday. He cited the district’s strong Democratic tilt and the unorthodox campaign of Anthony Gemma, whom Wasserman described as “unstable,” as factors helping Cicilline.

“It’s still not over, but Republican strategists are increasingly pessimistic,” Wasserman concluded.

Election analysts at the Sabato Crystal Ball, Roll Call and National Journal have also upgraded Cicilline’s chances in recent weeks. The rating change by Cook comes on a busy day in the 1st District, following a report that Doherty has pared back his TV ad reservations and an appeal from Cicilline to his supporters for an additional $40,000.

A WPRI 12 poll last month showed Cicilline at 44%, followed by Doherty at 38% and independent David Vogel at 6%, with 10% of voters still undecided. Doherty had more than twice as much cash as Cicilline on Sept. 30. The candidates debated live for the first time Tuesday on WPRI 12.

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3 thoughts on “Cook moves Cicilline-Doherty to ‘Lean Dem,’ GOP ‘pessimistic’

  1. This race is a no brainer. The people of Rhode Island like unethical and criminal elected officals. How many names do I have to give you, Harwood, Cianci, Fox, Murphy, Lynch, Ciccone, Whitehouse, Iglozzi, Carnavale and many more.

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