Fung set to unilaterally suspend, cap Cranston pension COLAs

It hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, but another Rhode Island pension battle is brewing in Cranston, where Mayor Allan Fung is pushing the city’s finance committee to take unilateral action on its underfunded, closed pension plan for pre-1995 firefighters, Paul Davis reports for The Providence Journal:

Now Fung wants the city’s Finance Committee to approve his cuts to benefits at a special Oct. 25 meeting. …

Cranston, he says, can no longer afford the locally administered plan, which costs more than $20 million a year — nearly 20 percent of the city’s budget, excluding school costs.

In a bid to save money, the mayor wants the city’s retirees to forgo an annual cost-of-living increase for the next 10 years.

He also wants to cap all cost-of-living adjustments, or COLAs, at 3 percent after the 10-year freeze. Retirees now get a minimum 3-percent increase but can earn more if current employees get more.

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13 thoughts on “Fung set to unilaterally suspend, cap Cranston pension COLAs

  1. Someone should ask Clint Eastwood to borrow that empty Obama chair and give it to Fung. What a disappointment he has turned into. Has never cut down property taxes, the crimes in Cranston are skyrocketing. The only thing missing in that Cranston Street area are Sherman tanks.

  2. Hey Cranston dummies, this is what you get when you put your union hacks in the Mayor’s Office. You end up needing someone like Fung to come in and clean up. Marlboro Man, you’re really complaining that he hasn’t cut taxes and that crime is rising? Guess what happens when you cut taxes. You have to cut services, police included.

    When your union buddies agreed to contracts that the city could not afford, that’s why your taxes don’t go down. Money that would go to stopping crime is being paid to 50 year old retirees in Florida.

    • GG,
      At least he knows his math. By law he must balance the city’s budget. If that means changing the terms in a CBA, what choice does he have but to freeze these COLAS and caps? You need to get real. The federal government, per Obama’s direction, gave civil servants ZERO COLAs for two years running. If it is good enough for federal civilians, it is good enough fro Cranston fire fighters!!

  3. This is the Mayor that Majority leader Nick Mattiello endorsed in a dinner speech praising the mayor. Go back and reread the article printed in the October 4th Cranston Herald newspaper(page 14 in the hard copy) that had Nick Mattiello say that Fung is a great mayor. And that Mattiello felt compelled to say on behave of Cranston residents the following:
    ” He’s earned the respect of all Cranston citizens and I owuld go as far as say he is a beloved mayor.”
    And where is the Democrat now? Does he still think that Fung’s unilateral move to suspend and Cap colas etc. makes him the beloved mayor?
    This is why you have to vote the Democrat out. He is nomore democrat than Alan Fung is.
    And you have 18 days, district 15 people, to make sure you read up on what the majority really did to Cranston residents and not belive the cock and bull BS on his weekly brochures he sends to you in your mailbox. Has he visited you personally to say what a great job he has done? Has he made the district 15 people think that Phenix Lodge won’t get built
    Fung has to do what he has to do but it needs to be done legally and by the book. I don’t agree with Fung’s approach but even more so, I don’t agree with the democratic leadership -Majority leader politician praising the Republican as if he’s been the best thing since sliced bread…and this is one reason among many, why I am not voting for the incumbent democrat ( now that is a question in itself? is the lawyer lawmaker, probably making 6 figures, {more than most Rhode Islanders make} who voted against arbitration, the pension and cut the disability program and kept the 3.2% raise really a true “democrat?” It doesn’t look it to me…)

    • Your right Fung is a Democrat, and the Cranston republicans are turning a blind eye. They are just so desperate they give him a pass.

    • Cranston taxpayer,
      You don’t want binding arbitration. Read what Coleman Young, mayor of Detroit, says about binding arbitration on the Internet. If it becomes law for K-12 School teachers, their salaries will be highest in the country and your property taxes will go through the roof. Per pupil K-12 education cost in RI is second highest in the country. If teachers get binding arbitration, per pupil ed cost will be #1 in the country. See the NEA Report Rankings & Estimates which compares ed cost for all 50 states the the District of Columbia. Is this what you really want?

  4. Mayor Fung better yet, have the City of Cranston take chapter 9. It would solve a lot of your labor problems. Maybe some of those morons would get real jobs.

    • Bankrupcy is probably what it will come down to in the end. Public employee unions will just keep sucking the life out of the entire state unless they get shut down by bankrupcy, they generally don’t have the brains to take a haircut instead of a beheading. Time for the gravy train to run off the tracks.

  5. CRANSTON IS FREEKING BROKE !!! The UNIONS are like a SNAKE that has wrapped
    itself around us, now they are squeezing us to DEATH ! Wake up SHEEPLE
    we have to pay so those maggots can live large and retire young. The SNAKES
    will lose in the end because THE MONEY WILL run dry. The city WILL GO
    BANKRUPT, just a question of WHEN. So go for it UNIONS real soon it will be
    all over……

  6. My Wife and I sold our house in Cranston 5 years ago b4 the housing crash. We knew what was coming. Best move we made! No one has the cahones to fix the mess they created. City, State and Nationally. At least we can move when we want, and believe me, that time will come.

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