Raimondo named a 2012 ‘Brave Thinker’ by Atlantic magazine

What does Gina Raimondo have in common with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts and the Russian protest group Pussy Riot? They’re all on The Atlantic magazine’s 2012 list of Brave Thinkers.

The Atlantic’s Don Peck says generations of politicians promised plush pensions to win support from public employees without setting money aside to pay the bills, leaving current leaders with the bill. “Raimondo is one of the first to perform that necessary reckoning,” he writes.

The Atlantic apparently has a soft spot for Rhode Island’s top female policymakers: Education Commissioner Deborah Gist made its 2010 list of Brave Thinkers, too.

Update: Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker highlighted Raimondo’s honor in a Facebook post Thursday morning. “I’m so proud of my friend and former classmate Gina Raimondo,” Booker wrote. “She is showing great leadership in tough times – I hope she eventually becomes the Governor of her state.”

Booker, a rising star in the Democratic Party and potential 2013 candidate for New Jersey governor, roomed with Raimondo’s husband at Yale Law School and donated $1,000 to her campaign last March. Of course, Booker also gets along with Raimondo rival Providence Mayor Angel Taveras, so Rhode Island’s 2014 gubernatorial campaign could leave him with a smorgasbord of options.

(h/t: Ian Donnis)

6 thoughts on “Raimondo named a 2012 ‘Brave Thinker’ by Atlantic magazine

  1. “Raimondo is one of the first to perform that necessary reckoning,” he writes.

    Reckoning? Worked great for Curt Schilling!

  2. Reckoning does not translate to probable illegal action as she now has RI taxpayers on the hook if the “fix” blows up! Hopefully, the courts will rule one way or the other prior to the 2014 election season. It appears that she favors non-working class people over those who work trying to make ends meet. I know a 100 year old retired teacher who now has lost her COLA and would have to live to 108 to see another one. Fortunately, she has family to support her. Gina is not a rising star but a bottle rocket which will fizzle once the ducks come home to roost.

  3. I do not consider Ms. Raimondo a “brave thinker”. In reality she should be more aptly called a “risk taker”, but not a brave thinker.

    If she really thought through this problem, she would have laid out for RI the risks we would all be taking, and the probable loss in a court of law. We could have measured the risk and decided back then whether termination of the pension plan was a better choice in view of the liabilities.

    She did not think this through, but chose instead to take a leap at an opportune time.

  4. So now instituting a flat tax and fleecing middle class workers and retirees to pay for it it “brave thinking?” Sounds like typical Republican fair to me. But what else should we expect from Gina Raimondo, Mitt Romney’s former Bain Capital lackey?

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