Dems counter GOP with new $315K TV ad buy for Cicilline

The cost of the air war in Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District jumped by more than half-a-million dollars on Friday as national Democrats moved to blunt their Republican counterparts in their push to save Democratic Congressman David Cicilline from defeat on Nov. 6.

A Democratic source confirmed Friday that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will spend $315,000 on a new round of TV commercials starting Tuesday to aid Cicilline. The Democrats’ buy was placed just hours after the National Republican Congressional Committee revealed it will spend $280,000 on a final round of commercials to help Doherty.

DCCC spokesman Josh Schwerin declined to provide specific numbers but acknowledged a new ad was coming. “We won’t let Washington Republicans’ lies go unanswered and will continue to hold Brendan Doherty accountable for supporting the extreme Republican agenda,” Schwerin told on Friday afternoon.

Both the NRCC and DCCC purchases are “independent expenditures,” meaning they are not being coordinated with the Cicilline and Doherty campaigns directly and will be new spots produced by the committees.

Separately on Friday, the Rothenberg Political Report changed its rating on the 1st District in Cicilline’s favor, moving it from “Toss-up/Tilt Democrat” to “Lean Democrat.”

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5 thoughts on “Dems counter GOP with new $315K TV ad buy for Cicilline

  1. ProJo set to move ahead with layoffs in November

    October 26, 2012

    tags: media, providence journal

    by Ian Donnis

    Providence Journal managers have closed the door on cost-saving talks with the Providence Newspaper Guild and plan to move ahead with layoffs in the first week of November, according to Guild president John Hill.

    Hill says a ”very bad” October revenue report made management unwilling to offer a guarantee of no layoffs in 2013. Management plans to eliminate enough positions to cut spending by $1.2 million.

    “It was a nut we couldn’t crack,” Hill says of recent talks aimed at averting layoffs.

    He says ProJo managers are determining which positions in news and advertising will be eliminated. Once those decisions are announced in November, Hill says, employees will be offered the opportunity to take buyouts. Buyouts could reduce the number of layoffs, he says.

    Hill says he doesn’t know how the layoffs will be divided between news and advertising. A rough estimate has indicated $1.2 million in reductions could equal about 15 positions.

    The impending cuts follow a series of past reductions at the ProJo.


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