Cicilline, Doherty attacked in new party-funded TV commercials

Both national parties dropped new TV attack ads Tuesday in a last-minute effort to bolster the campaigns of Democrat David Cicilline and Republican Brendan Doherty in the 1st Congressional District.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee moved first, releasing a 30-second spot that echoes Cicilline’s efforts to tie Doherty to the national GOP, suggesting he’d support allowing insurers to deny coverage to individuals with preexisting conditions and noting his general praise for Paul Ryan’s budget plan.

The National Republican Congressional Committee followed hours later with a brutal 30-second spot targeting Cicilline’s former career as a lawyer. “What do a child molester, a murderer and a violent attacker all have in common?” the narrator says over photos of mugshots. “Defense attorney David Cicilline.”

With the two candidates locked in a tight race, both party committees said last week they’d jump into the race with independent advertising campaigns of their own. The NRCC is spending $280,000 and the DCCC is spending $315,000. WPRI 12 will release a new poll on the race at 6 p.m.

Update: Doherty’s campaign released its own new TV ad late Tuesday afternoon, a 30-second positive spot called “What is Right” where Doherty and his wife, Michele, makes his closing argument to voters. The ad is a stark contrast to the hit on Cicilline released earlier by Doherty’s national GOP allies.

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