New WPRI 12 Poll: Cicilline 43%, Doherty 42%, undecided 8%

By Ted Nesi and Tim White

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Democratic Congressman David Cicilline is clinging to a wafer-thin lead over Republican challenger Brendan Doherty with just a week to go before voters head to the polls, according to an exclusive WPRI 12 poll released Tuesday night.

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  • Bob

    Surely the undecided will lean heavily for Doherty!
    Send that puke cicciline packing

  • barry

    “puke”?? Such insults without substance reflect badly on the writer, not the candidate.
    It also reflects the disagreeable negative tone of Doherty’s campaign. I thought I had liked him, but the outrageous association of clients Cicilline defended as a defense lawyer neutralizes the character issue for me. At least Cicilline is a reliable vote to defend medicare and the social safety net, ask the rich to pay their fair share, keep Amtrak and transit going, protect the environment, and keep Amerian jobs from going overseas. Doherty, I have no idea.

  • Chris

    Barry – are you kidding? You weren’t EVER voting for Doherty – we can tell by your writing – just like over libs trying to make the independents think you were an undecided voter.

  • Wyatt

    @ Chris you are correct about Barry. Classic Cicilline talking points… right from the liberal playbook.

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