New WPRI 12 Poll: Whitehouse, Langevin hold double-digit leads

By Ted Nesi and Tim White

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Incumbent Democrats U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Congressman Jim Langevin still hold sizable leads over their Republican challengers just a week before Election Day, according to an exclusive WPRI 12 poll released Tuesday night.

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Coming on Tuesday: Obama vs. Romney; Chafee for re-election; schools, business climate

1 thought on “New WPRI 12 Poll: Whitehouse, Langevin hold double-digit leads

  1. My opinion….nothing will ever change as long as you vote for individuals who are not independent thinkers. We should consider voting for moderate Democrats or moderate Republicans. Those are the ones who will change things and get things done. Everyone blames the republicans…but look at who has been in control of the congress and senate over the years… It was mostly the Democrats who have had that power. So they are to blame. And of course, here is RI, totally democrate…so they are to blame here for no jobs and city going broke…they are always in control. So whether you have a republican or moderate Governor, they make the decisions. I believe in term limits. But long as Rhode Islanders continue to vote in the same old politicians, nothing will change here. We are one of the worse states in the country….we are beginning to look like a third world country. If we continue to bow to the immigrantes that migrate here, things are going to get worse. My grandparents came here from Italy and they received no help. They needed to learn to speak English and become American. So,going forward, do the same to the ones entering our country now. We should be saying, “either become American or go back to the country you came from”!! For the more intelligent Rhode Islanders…should we really continue to vote for the same people over and over again and nothing changes??? Vote for independant thinkers….those that reach over party lines…..If not, suffer the consequences of the same old same old…..It will be your own fault!

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