Projo’s print circulation down another 7%; e-editions at 4,224

The Providence Journal’s print circulation fell 7% during the six months ended Sept. 30 as subscriptions to its new electronic edition rose past 4,000.

The Journal sold an average of 83,733 traditional print copies on weekdays between April 1 and Sept. 30, a decrease of 6,352 from the same period a year earlier, the Audit Bureau of Circulations reported Tuesday.

The Journal said its total average weekly circulation was 114,303 when “branded editions” are included, which would include its free ProjoExpress publication. The Audit Bureau changed its rules in 2011 to count those.

The Projo’s print circulation on Sundays – the most lucrative edition of the week for most papers – totaled 117,784 copies, a drop of 11,240 since the September 2011 report. Saturday circulation fell by 9,117 copies, from 115,892 to 106,775. had 1.2 million unique visitors as of March 31, up from 868,693 in the six months ended March 31 and matching the audience for the old a year ago, the Audit Bureau said.

The Journal reported 4,224 subscriptions to its e-edition, broken out as 1,398 on weekdays, 1,411 on Saturdays and 1,415 on Sundays.

Like most newspapers, The Journal has been losing print readers for decades, though the pace has picked up in recent years, Audit Bureau records show. Its average weekday circulation has fallen by more than half, from 203,647 in 1990 to 163,122 in 2000, 101,123 in 2010 and 83,733 this year.

Local newspapers in Massachusetts also reported their latest circulation numbers for the half-year ended Sept. 30 on Tuesday.

The Sun Chronicle sold 13,320 print editions on weekdays and 14,419 on Sundays, plus 143 electronic editions.

The Fall River Herald News sold 13,299 copies on weekdays and 14,835 on Sundays, plus 870 e-editions across the week. The New Bedford Standard-Times sold 20,218 print copies plus 919 e-editions Monday through Saturday and 22,576 print copies plus 534 e-editions on Sundays.

The Taunton Gazette sold 6,015 print copies plus 276 e-editions Monday through Saturday and 7,040 print copies plus 55 e-editions on Sundays.

The Wall Street Journal continued to be the most-read daily U.S. newspaper through Sept. 30, with an average circulation of 2.3 million, the Audit Bureau said. It was followed by USA Today (1.7 million), The New York Times (1.6 million), the Los Angeles Times (641,369) and the New York Daily News (535,875).

The Boston Globe ranked 23rd on the most-read list, with an average weekday circulation of 230,351, including 49,432 digital editions, which was up nearly 12%. The Globe’s average Sunday circulation was 372,541, including 49,196 digital editions.

The Dallas Morning News, a Providence Journal sister paper and the flagship of parent company A.H. Belo, reported an average e-edition circulation of 64,788 and total average circulation of 410,130 as of Sept. 30.

The Pawtucket Times and the Woonsocket Call did not file statements in time for the audit report.

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