KG Snub, Jar Jar Nightmare

We are back in the saddle in the sports department after three days of hurricaneSandycoverage. Major props to my colleagues here at WPRI/WNAC, it was a true pleasure to watch the tremendous work and professionalism of everyone in our building and out in the field.

 The first real sense of normalcy we got this week on the sports scene was when the Celtics tipped off Tuesday night in Miami. I am surprised at how out of sorts the C’s looked but I am not surprised that the Heat is still the team to beat in the East. KG ignoring Ray Allen only added to an entertaining and intense rivalry. For the record I side more with Garnett. I think his me against the world act is a little tired and rubs people the wrong way, but he should be able to show his true emotions about a former teammate that apparently didn’t say as much as “good bye” on his way out the door in Boston.

 Tom Brady tied Peyton Manning for most AFC offensive player of the week honors. Both have earned the award 22 times and you can bet they’ll both add to that total. Those two really will be connected at the right arm all the way to Canton.

 Disney bought Lucas Films and immediately promised more Stars Wars movies. As a big fan of the series I am excited but early rumors have Jar Jar Binks in an expanded role. If this is true George Lucas should use the $4 billion he got in the deal to invent a procedure to erase Jar Jar from the memories of every Disney executive. That or burn down every movie theater in the world to spare us the pain of reliving the biggest mistake of a character in the history of cinema.

2 thoughts on “KG Snub, Jar Jar Nightmare

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  2. FYI, if we have to wait til the polls close in CA on Tuesday I might just have drunk myself to death by then. Just in case anyone is wondering why I am not posting on Wednesday.

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