Gina Raimondo’s campaign war chest passes $1 million mark

Gina Raimondo won’t lack for cash if she runs for governor in 2014.

Raimondo raised another $234,800 during the three months ended Sept. 30, boosting the size of her campaign war chest to $1.07 million, according to a report filed late Wednesday night. The Democratic treasurer’s campaign account has so much money it earned $1,017 in interest during the last quarter.

Raimondo’s donations during the third quarter included $1,000 from Citizens Financial Group CEO Ellen Alemany; $1,000 from Emma Bloomberg, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s daughter; $500 from former Fleet Financial CEO Terrence Murray; $500 from former CVS Caremark CEO Tom Ryan; $1,000 from former Service Employees International Union president Andy Stern; $1,250 from investor and education reformer Whitney Tilson; and $4,000 from Campbell’s Soup heiress Hope Van Beuren and her relatives.

Providence Mayor Angel Taveras had $267,163 on hand and Gov. Lincoln Chafee had $242,275 as of Sept. 30.

John Robitaille, the GOP nominee for governor in 2010, received a $1,000 donation on Sept. 4 from Foster Friess, the millionaire conservative donor best-known for almost singlehandedly bankrolled a super PAC that kept Republican Rick Santorum’s presidential hopes alive this year. Robitaille had $3,312 on Sept. 30.

  • Marlboro Man

    Just look at the names of these people. She is not looking out for Rhode Islanders, she is looking to sell Rhode Islanders.

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  • Polly Tishun

    I don’t care how much money the hypocrite raises, if she decides to run for governor in 2014, I won’t be voting for her….She is a true Bloomberg buddy, and hypocrite. She is no more a Democrat than Mitt Romney is. In fact she is wealthy with corporate ideas like Mitt Romney!
    Now she has the daughter of Mayor Bloomberg donating to her. Like father, like daughter! Remember she had her venture capitalism business in New York for 10 years befor she decided to come back to RI and get into politics. She is a millionaire and is fooling no one with her tactics. This is one Rhode Islander who won’t be voting for “Gina, the deceiver” and supporter of Gordon Fox and David Cicilline.

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